Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


17. Who is Dylan really?

Dylan’s pov-


I tried to get as much sleep as I could before my hour sleep was over but about half way through I woke up screaming. Skylar came running into my room worried and shaken up her self. “Hey are you okay?” She asked me sounding worried though her own voice was trembling. “Ye-yeah just a bad dream.” I mumbled wiping my face clean of anything that may have been there. “Well do you want to tell me about it might help?” She sat next to me and took my hand in a comforting way so I sighed and decided to come out and tell her about it. “I dreamt that I was dead...or rather that I was dying...that none of this was real and it was all just a dream I was having well being stuck in some coma.” I looked over and saw that she wasn’t really listening and her mind seemed to be somewhere else. “Hey sky are you alright?” I asked focusing on her like I wanted to from the start. She looked down like she was trying to beat around the bush for a bit. Then all together she came out and asked me straight up. “Are you really someone I can trust? I mean it just feels like your keeping something from me. Like your not really who you fully say you are...I’m sorry…” She went really quiet after that and so did I. Nothing had really changed from before though except that now I was wonder if I should tell her that I don’t really remember anything from before. My mind was a complete and utter mystery. I decided against it in the end though.

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