Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


22. Wake Up

Skylar’s pov-


When I opened my eyes again I was looking up a white ceiling. The sound of a machine was all I heard at first in the background and then I heard someone yelling. “Get a doctor she’s awake!” I looked over to see a nurse running over to my side to help me sit up and and check my vitals. A doctor came in after her and ran some check ups before declaring that I was fine. That’s when my mom and dad came running in to the room to hug me with tears running down there cheeks. I

hugged them back listening to them go on about how happy they were when I noticed another bed was next to mine on the other side of the room. Laying in it was a boy who was badly hurt and just barely surviving by a machine. I remembered Dylan right away and flinched.


Sighing I relaxed now and whispered softly to his lifeless broken body. “It’s okay for you let go now… I promise I’ll find you again… and we’ll be the best of friends again.” Right after I whispered that he flat lined and the Dylan I knew was gone for good. Well not exactly but that’s for another story.


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