Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


14. The meet up

Dylan’s pov-

I took the address she told me to memory as I started to navigate my way through the empty streets that I’m sure at one point were filled with the lives of people going about their day. I didn’t dare to stop once on my journey to the apartment for fear what creatures would be laying in the shadows waiting to feast upon my bones. Even though I couldn’t see them I knew that they were all there waiting. The snarls and growls were constant reminders that if I should dare step out of the boundary they would kill me. I kept going despite how tired and hungry I was becoming. She seemed to be my drive for surviving now as all my thoughts were consumed by finding out whether or not she was alive or dead. I couldn’t tell you why but she felt very important to me.

I ended up finding the building with ease once I managed to get on to the correct street. The building was tall and old looking but gave a warm homey vibe to it.


Skylar’s pov-

I sat in the coroner of my room scared that if I should move the creature might come back. “Please come here soon…” I whispered as I hugged my knees closer trying not to try. It didn’t fully sink into my head yet that I was inviting a total stranger into my house. Then I heard footsteps outside my door and once again my heart started to race with fear. “Who’s there?” I asked my voice trembling now as the words left my throat. “I’m not here to hurt you…” the voice said sounding like the one on the phone call. I slowly got up and walked to the door opening it a little to peek out. I almost burst into tears when I saw a boy about my age standing on the other side.


Dylan’s pov-

As quietly as I could I made my way up the stairs to her room. “Who’s there?” A girls voice asked from outside the door I was about to pass. I knew the voice right away as the mystery girl from the phone call. “I won’t hurt you…” I said sounding as clam as I was able to get across. The sound of feet shuffling told me that she was coming to open the door so I took a step back. The girl was smaller than I expected and looked much more scared then I would have like to see. Her bright green eyes showed that of a puffy red telling me she had been crying a lot. Her straight brown hair that hung down her back was now haning over her shoulders a bit as she strained her small freckled covered face to see me better.

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