Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


8. Note

I wiped my eyes and calmed myself trying to figure out why he gave me a number and then pretended not to know me. He even went as far as to bring his friend in on the joke. “Maybe he doesn’t like me…” I thought sadly and decided to turn it in for the night. The next day I was woken up early from neighbor knocking on my door. She was a sweet old lady who would often stop by and chat with me about random stuff. “Good morning deary. I actually have noticed a note that was meant for you got put into my mailbox. So I thought Id bring it to you.” She held out an envelope to me with my name written on it. I smiled and took the note thanking her as well. She seemed rather interest in the note so I opened it up and read it out loud for us both hear.


Dear Skylar,


    I’m sorry to tell you this like a coward through a note but I can’t see you every again. Your an amazing young lady who will find her prince someday but I am not him. Please don’t write back or try to contact me. This is just for the best if we both go on with our lives as if we hadn't met. Meeting you on that day was a mistake I will not make again….



I found myself wishing I hadn’t opened the letter now as tears ran down my face. My neighbor gave me a heartfelt look as she hugged me trying to comfort me. “I am so sorry deary.” I tried my best to smile and wiped away my tears. “Thank you again but I need to get going.” I said in a hushed voice and walked back into my apartment sitting down. I couldn’t except that this was over barley before it had started. “Maybe I read the letter wrong...or it was for another Skylar.” I thought trying to tell myself it wasn’t true. I just wanted to sleep and let the day end already but someone knocked on my door again. I got up groaning not wanting to talk to anyone but when I opened the door there was another note and that was all. I looked around and picked up the envelope taking it inside. I thought it was another one from Alex but there was a different feeling to this one. It felt like the person who wrote this was special to me. Almost as if we had met before somehow.


I ripped open the letter that wrapped me in warmth and began to read it.


Dear, Skylar


    You may not remember me but I am on your side. Don’t trust what anyone but me tells you. I’m trying to help you escape from his trap. Your in a danger right now and I don’t think I will be able to reach you any time soon yet. Don’t be scared though because your not alone in this. I don’t know when I will be able to send you a note again but please listen to me Sky. Just go on acting like nothing has changed and I will write you again when I escape. Alex is not who he says is. But I am. I am an old friend who wants to help you see your family again.



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