Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


10. No Sleep

Dylan’s pov-


I spent the whole night tossing and turning in my bed trying to fall asleep but failing miserably each time. “Uhhhhh why do you have to do this to me right before bed Alex.” I groaned and gave up leaving my warm bed to throw on clothes and get some fresh air and maybe coffee. I stretched a bit as I left my apartment and walked across the street to the coffee shop. “Hi one coffee please.” I asked the lady behind the counter and tried to relax and make sense of what he told me. Just as he was walking out the door a couple minutes before now to go who knows where he told me I would meet a girl soon. Someone that I knew very well.


“Here you go son.” she said giving me a smile. I payed for the drink with a 20 and took it to go. “Alex you know it wouldn’t kill you to get to the point now and then.” I mumbled to myself as I walked out into the cold night. My phone rang breaking the silence and my thoughts as well as scaring me half to death. “Um...hello?” I asked hearing a girls voice on the other end. “Hello?” she said as if she couldn’t hear me talking. “Can you hear me?” I asked a little confused but froze hearing someone else speak. “I’m going to kill you…” The voice said in a raspy uneven voice. Something about that voice bugged me but I wasn’t sure why at first. “Can you speak up I can’t hear you?” It was hard to hear her now because of the static my phone began to pick up. I strained my ear to listen to her but there was aloud inhuman scream that nearly made my ears start to bleed upon hearing them. When the screaming stopped I looked to see the call was still going. I quickly put the phone back to my ear to see if she was still there. “Who are you?” She asked the question that was on my mind now too. The creature seemed to ignore her though and spoke again. “I see you Skylar.” It said followed by a sharp tapping like nails to glass before I heard a scream again. This I knew was the girl because I could hear her voice trembled as she cried and sat frozen in fear for her life. Then the call hung up and I collapsed to the ground wondering who she was and if she was okay but all I could manage to say was. “Well then...I’m definitely not sleeping tonight now.”

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