Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


4. New Friends

Alexander’s pov-

    The girl was cute and the fact that she even accepted my offer surprised me more than I thought it would. I held my hand out to her and smiled which she gladly took and we walked around the park taking a look at the art work. As we walked we both stayed quite neither one of us really sure of what we should say I guess. When came to a sculpture I had seen before I started to think that this was my chance to show her I knew a lot about art. Not that it was anything impressive but I would kill the silence between us. “That’s such a pretty rose.” She said smiling and walking closer with me to get a better view. “Yeah it really is.” I smiled and started to recall the story behind it. “Actually did you know that it’s not really a rose but supposed to be a persons heart?” She looked at me with wide eyes telling me she had no clue. “Yeah, I guess the artist wanted to show that a heart can be beautiful as well as painful and fragile. So they chose to make a rose instead.” She looked back at the rose taking in the details and seemed to be happy with my idea. “You know hearing that I can see what you see now.”


    We looked over to see two more roses one was blue and the other was yellow. Looking at the bigger picture I was able to see right away it was telling a story. “It’s telling a story through their hearts.” She looked at me again with wide eyes excited to hear me go on. “What does the story say?” She asked and watched me waiting. “Well the blue rose is a man’s heart and it shows hes been crying for the lost of  loved one. The yellow rose being the girl he loved. It’s bright colors show her smile and happiness and how she was always bright and cheerful but the falling petals show that she was dying most likely of an illness. The man cried at the thought of losing her his heartbreaking.”She went silent then looking back at me and then the flowers. “That’s so sad but also beautiful way to tell a story of love.” I had never seen her light up so much that it almost hurt to keep this secret from her. The art show ended pretty fast after that so we went to get coffee and talked a bit more about some of the panings we saw before It got late and we both agreed it was time to head home.

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