Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


16. Lost Memories

It was a nice and sunny afternoon as me and brother sat in the car with our grandpa and Nana. She was taking us to the park as a treat for being so good well mommy and daddy were away doing work. My brother and I were in the back playing games with each other well Nana drove the car. Grandpa was giving her directions and for a moment everything was quiet and peaceful. Then there was a loud screech as Nana hit the brakes sending me and my brother flying forward. “Dylan protect your sister!” My grandpa yelled as a the windows shattered and glass came flying in every direction. I cried out and hit my head then things went black. But right before they did I looked to see both Nana and Grandpa were dead and Dylan was sitting beside me covered in blood barely alive. He was holding my hand tightly at first slowly it got loser and weaker.

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