Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


18. Just an empty shell of my former human self

Sky left the room to be alone after she said that to me. I knew I should have left her alone but something in me wouldn’t allow me to. “Sky wait!” I yelled out and ran after he grabbing her arm just as she walked away. “You can trust me I promise! The reason I haven’t told you anything about myself is because I don’t know anything about myself. All my memories from before meeting you are blank...i swear its the truth.” I said looking down and feeling kind of scared she would reject me for it. Instead she pulled me close and cried out in a soft whisper of a tone in my ear. “I’m so sorry Dylan...you won’t have to shoulder the pain alone anymore…” I was puzzled and wanted to know what she meant by that but then it came back to me...the fateful day when I died.

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