Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


13. Help me

Skyler's pov-

I sat in a corner shaking with fear never daring to take my eyes off the red eyed creature starting at me through the window. It kept on teasing me and playing with the lock like it was about to get in and kill me. My hand was shaking and holding the phone that was still ringing to my ear. I found myself crying and praying that this would all be over soon. That they would answer the phone and come to my rescue but I knew better then to believe in silly little fairy tails. The room fell silent as we both waited to see who would make the next move. My heart was racing and my body was itching to get up bolt but something told me that if I even tried it would catch me before I had a chance. Then suddenly there was an ear piercing screech causing me to shut my eyes as I wince in pain. When the screaming was over my ears left ringing in pain and I was once again all alone in my house but this time someone had answered my call.


“Hello? Are you there! Where are you! Please tell me...say something so i can find you.” The voice was a males sounding frantic and scared. He was breathing heavily like he was running. I hesitated for a moment to tell him my address but something  inside me told he could be trusted. “I’m in an apartment. On Maple Wood street. Stuck on the 5th floor room 349. Please hurry...I'm scared to be alone.” I said in to the phone hugging my knees and crying harder now. I was scared but also so happy know that someone was on there way to save me from this horrible nightmare.

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