Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


21. Graveyard

Dylan’s pov-


She took my hand caustically and walked with me to the graveyard. I didn’t really look at her much as we walked and talked every now and then. I guess I just didn’t want her to see the disappointment in my eyes that I found the exit but I wasn’t allowed to leave with her. That I would never get to truly know who I am and what I am to her. “It’s right up here.” I told her and lead her to the back of the graveyard trying to avoid eye contact with all the ghouls that were hanging around there graves in a lazy manner. “Why are all the graves blank…?” She asked braking her gaze from them long enough to catch my eyes briefly before I looked away. “I thought it was a bit strange at first too.” I mumbled though I was lying to her.


She nodded though and started to ask me more questions. I sort of blocker her out though and kept walking until finally I stopped in front of the last grave stone. Tears brimmed my eyes as I read what the stone above the tomb said.



Dylan Blossom

Died in car accident protecting his younger twin sister…


Sky had just turned to look in my direction as I read the tombstone. “Dylan what is that…?” She asked looking at me with a scared look on her face now. I knew I couldn’t avoid her gaze any longer so I sucked it up and looked her in the eyes as my body started to fade in and out. “It’s my tomb because that day in the accident I died.” She shook her head and grabbed my arm. “No! Your not dead! Neither am I! Where just sleeping! That’s all...so come on! We need to get home now!” She screamed out as she marched forward to the door that had just appeared behind my grave on the cliff.


The door opened for her reliving a glass like shell that looked into the wold of the living. Mom and Dad were once again visiting us in the hospital with grief stricken eyes. My heart started to ach more as I watched mom cry more when the doctor came in to talk her. I looked at my sister who was desperately trying to pull me through and I knew it was time to say goodbye. “Hey...Sky…” I said in a broken shallow voice. She looked up at me just as I pulled my hand away. “If I ever get re born again...promise you’ll come and find me and make new memories with me?” She seemed to understand now that this was our goodbye and nodded crying. “I promise...so you better hurry up and come back all ready!” I laughed a little and nodded as our hands separated and the door slammed shut in my face.


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