Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


5. GoodBye

Alexander’s pov-

    I was kind of sad that the day was ending and didn’t really want to go home though I knew I had too. I turned to her with a sad smile seeing she didn’t want to go home either but it was late and we had only just meet each other. “I had a lot of fun today.” She said smiling at me as she got up from the table we were sitting at and grabbed her bag. “Yeah, me to. Maybe we could do this again sometime?” I asked praying my my luck hadn’t run out yet. I didn’t have much time left to wait and it was quite a shame because I really liked this girl too. She nodded and smiled agreeing to my proposal. “Definitely.” I smiled though I was saddened by her response and waved her goodbye and started my long walk home.


    I arrived home around 10:30 and took a deep sigh when I entered. Mary must have heard me enter the house, because soon after a small girl with long curly blond locks came out to greet me. “Daddy your home! Hurry I missed you so much!” She hugged my waist and looked up at me smiling the way she was painted to smile. “Yeah, I’m home sweety.” I said looking down at her with a tired smile on my face. There was always something about my artwork that drew others in to look at it and wonder. The magic behind them was that at night they came to life. Anything I painted, sculpted, or drew would come to life. It was a gift I had in return for taking my eyes when I was born. Looking down at Mary thought I knew that something was different about her. “Daddy...I know your tired but do you think you could draw a little tonight? I really would love to have playmate.” I ruffled her hair up and crouched down. “Well then why don’t you just let me see what i can do huh?” Mary cheered very excited and started to dance and jump around well I looked for my old sketchbook that was now covered in dust.


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