Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


19. Car crash through the eyes of a child

I was buckled up in my car seat with a girl sitting next to me. We were laughing and playing games as Nana and Grandpa drove us to the car. “When we get to the park I’ll push you so high on the swings that you’ll be able touch the clouds just like daddy does.” The girl said to me with a big smile. My eyes went wide with what she thought was excitement but it was actually fear. A truck swerved into our lane trying to avoid a drunk driver and as the car tired to turn back in to it’s lane the back end collided with our car. Nana whacked the brakes so hard it sent us flying forward and knocked the air out of my chest. Grandpa yelled something out to me but all I could hear was a muffled scream. I glanced over at the scared girl as the glass shattered around us I slowly shut my eyes. We were holding hands now and I gently squeezed her hand to show her I was okay and scared but my body felt heavy. My grip loosened and before I knew it I was out side of my body.  


A big white car appeared followed by 3 police cars and men in white suits rushed to our aid. They saw grandpa and Nana dead in their seats and moved to the back. “Hang in there honey were gonna get you out of here.” They cut her seat belt and I watched as they pulled her away from my lifeless body. She screamed out weakly for them to take me with her and that I was still alive and I would make it. She had tears in her eyes. The men looked at each other and back at my body that I was standing next to. “We can’t just leave the kid here to die like this. We might still be able to save him like his sister is saying.” The other guy said to one holding the girl they said was my sister. His friend nodded and the man cut my body lose and brought me into the car. They hooked us up to machines now that would keep us alive. Once again the girl reached over and took my hand in her and held it tightly before her eyes soon closed as well.

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