Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


2. Art Show

Alexander’s Pov-

    I grabbed my book and went home after talking to the nice girl. It didn’t occur to me until I was home that I never got her name. I shrugged figuring I would see her later and got dressed in nicer clothes for the art show at the park. I threw on some black converses, jeans, and a white t shirt with a v neck and styled my hair a bit. Looking at myself in the mirror I smiled in approval of how I looked. ‘I wonder if she’ll actually come…’ I found myself wondering as I tired to pass time until the art show came around. Finally noon was here and I walking into the park panting in hand and right away I got weird looks from people. I ignored there stares as I got set up at my spot ‘Just ignore them. They just think your eyes look weird cause there not a normal color. They probably think your blind but it’s okay cause you can show them there wrong.’ I told myself in my head setting up the panting. People kept whispering around and I could heart small pieces here and there. It went on like this for awhile until an old lady tapped my shoulder very gently and sweetly. “Excuse me sir I don’t mean to be rude but are those contacts your wearing?” I smiled at her kindly having heard this question a million times. “No ma’am this is my natural eye color and before you ask me as I’m sure you will. No I am not blind and I can see perfectly fine.” I turned away from her ruffly and went back to setting up.

    I started to walk around and look at the paintings and art work when I bumped into someone. “Offf...ouch...I’m sorry sir…” I recognized the voice right away and looked up rubbing my forehead in pain to see the girl from earlier. I bent down to help her before I could say Hi to her noticing that she dropped a bunch of papers. “Her let me help you with that.” I said nicely and gathered the papers. “Your the girl from earlier right?” I asked looking up into her chocolate brown eyes. “Oh...it is you!” she said in a rather excited voice. I laughed a little and nodded asking her name finally and giving her my name in return.

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