Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


15. A boy who looks like me

Skylar’s pov-


I leaned over to get a better view of the boy that was now standing outside my door. Upon closer looking I  could see that the boy was about my age and around the same height as me. He had freckles that covered his face and body and messy straight brown hair with two green eyes peeking out from under his bangs. “I’m not here to hurt you.” He said again giving me a small tired smile. I nodded deciding to trust him for now and opened the door to let him inside. “I’m Dylan...it’s nice to meet you.” He held a hand out to me to shake which I happily took so glad to not be alone any more. “I’m Skylar but you can call me Sky for short.” He nodded and walked inside looking around. There was small silent pause between us but it wasn’t awkward like you would think. It wasn’t till Dylan’s stomach growled very loudly that we both burst into laughter and decided to call it a day and eat and get rest. We figured that we should be safe for the night now that we had someone to watch our backs.


Later that night we decided to take sleeping shifts for extra protection. I took the first shift so he could rest a bit. As I watched him sleep though my head began to hurt as a small memory came to mind…


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