My stalker is my killer...

Adam was just your average teen except the fact he’s dead. Then again who cares about what a dead boy has to say?


7. 7

School was let out early after the news spread around and then cancelled the next day. We spent that day going to Emma’s funeral. Everyone was dressed in black with tear stained faces as they gathered around her coffin taking turns to talk about how missed she would be.(sound familiar huh?) I couldn’t stand it because I knew she didn’t kill herself but that she was killed by Liam. Then we all gathered outside to watch her coffin get lowered into a hole dug up just for her as her mother cried over here dead baby girl. I tried to smile and stay strong for her mom as she cried on my shoulder and then as if a dream we were back in school.


    Today neither Liam nor Jenna came to school though. Nick was worried as he kept blowing up her phone scared she was the next to die. Chase and I tried to calm him down and tell him she was fine and maybe just sick or running late but he would have it. After school got out he made us go with him to see Jenna but when we went to her house it was empty. Jenna’s house was dead silent almost as if they had moved away but what told me they didn’t was that all there stuff was still there. We slowly went inside to check if they were hiding and split up. I decided to check up stairs but boy did I wish I hadn’t I went up stairs to hear a faint panting sound coming from Jenna’s room. I slowly walked over and knocked on the door gently. “Jenna...are you there?” I asked and heard the painting quicken as a weak voice rang out. “R-run...It’s...a...t-tr-tap…” I opened the door to see Jenna laying in a pool of blood almost dead and above her was Liam with a twisted sick smile on his face. “My love you came to see me.” He said in a creepy messed up voice. I screamed and ran down stairs grabbing Chase and Nick and telling them to leave the house. Nick knew Jenna was upstairs and didn’t want to leave her. Me and Chase tried to stop him but he ran up to save her and got himself killed as well. I cried out and screamed thinking we would die now too but Chase had called the cops before we went inside. Just as Liam made his way to the top of the stairs the police arrived and ran away just in time. Me and Chase just sat in silence looking like pale ghost as neither of us knew what to say or to make of it all. I was just hoping that maybe this was all a crazy dream but I knew better then that.


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