My stalker is my killer...

Adam was just your average teen except the fact he’s dead. Then again who cares about what a dead boy has to say?


6. 6

    I was just starting to think that things couldn’t get worse when I turned the hall to my next class and saw that right in front of Emma’s locker was a picture of her surrounded by flowers and candles and letters. “What’s going on guys?” I asked walking over to see Nick and Jenna who were stopping to look at the picture. When I got closer to them I could see that they were both crying and I knew then that Emma was dead. “What happened?!” I asked again almost screaming but Jenna only cried and shook her head not waiting to say it. “Tell me!” I yelled out before Nick hugged me and whispered. “Emma killed herself I’m sorry.” I collapsed in his arms crying as he hugged me and just repeated. “I’m sorry.” since he knew I was in love with Emma. Through my blurred vision though I could see Liam walking back and just as he passed Emma’s locker a small smile grew on his face. I wanted to scream and curse him out, Slam him into the locker and make him pay for hurting her but all I could do was watch him walk away as I cried my heart out over the girl I loved.


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