My stalker is my killer...

Adam was just your average teen except the fact he’s dead. Then again who cares about what a dead boy has to say?


4. 4

When I got home I took my shoes off and cleared my throat. “I’M HOME!” I yelled out getting the attention of my dad and mom for a short moment. “Oh hi honey we're ordering take out.” Was all I got. Rolling my eyes I went up to my room and sighed wondering why I even bothered to try and talk to them. I sighed and laid down relaxing as I listened to the tv down stairs and dad in his office. Then very suddenly it all stopped and I had a large feeling of dread growing in my stomach. I stood up on my feet slowly and made my way to the stairs. “Mom...Dad...are you guys alright?” I called out but was met with silence. My blood started to feel hot as my heart raced and I ran down stairs to be greeted by and empty house and an open door. I slammed the door shut and ran to grab the kitchen phone and a knife for protection before i called the  cops and then Chase asking if he could pick me up and let me stay the night at his house. Chase was quick to say yes so I ran up stairs and packed a bag quickly and waited with my back to the front door.


    Chase and his mom didn’t take too long to make it to my house so I ran outside and jumped in the car. The police showed up later at his door and asked me if I had heard or seen anything and when I told them no they said they would keep looking. Chase’s mom was out side with in a couple hours so I bolted outside with my bag in hand and got in the car. Later that night the cops came to his house to say that I should go home for awhile and ask if I needed anything but assured them I took everything i needed with me. All I really cared about was finding my parents safe and alive.


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