My stalker is my killer...

Adam was just your average teen except the fact he’s dead. Then again who cares about what a dead boy has to say?


2. 2

After the first day of meeting us Liam never missed a day of school and always made sure to sit next to me at lunch and just watch me. Today was no exception either as the bell rang and I headed in the hall to get lunch. Liam who was nowhere in sight showed up next to me and put his hand around my waist and said a creepy voice. “Hey buddy…” I quickly pulled away from him and smiled walking faster and hoping to lose him in the crowded but I still felt his eyes on me. At lunch he sat next to me and placed his hand on my thigh in a creepy way and I tried to ignore it as me and Emma argued again over me not eating. I wasn’t eating because I was hunger strike to save animals that they were serving as food. Emma was yelling at me because I had passed out from not eating 3 times already in gym class and she was getting worried.

Later that day though not sure how I managed to shake Liam until the last bell rang saying school was over. I walked over to  my locker and started to take my stuff out of my locker when Liam showed up next to me again wearing clothes similar to the ones I was wearing yesterday.  “Are you getting ready to go home Adam? Do you mind if I walk home with you?” I wanted to that I did mind but I held my tongue and nodded going over to Chase’s locker. “You ready man?” I asked ignoring Liam who kept staring into the back of my head. Chase tuned to me and Liam and smiled giving me a node. “I see you too are getting to be close friends huh?” Liam nodded with a smile but I just stayed silent.


    We were getting ready to head out when we ran into our friends Jenna and Nick who were low key dating but wouldn’t admit it. Nick grabbed me gently and pulled me to the side a bit out of Liam’s view. “Dude I don’t trust this new kid guy so be careful. He looks to creepy to be a highschool student.” I nodded in agreement and thanked him for the heads up before we went back with the others. Nick took Jenna’s hand and they walked away in the other direction. Probbally heading to drama club since they  were both big on acting. Me, Liam, and Chase all walked home together after that and just talked about everything and anything really.

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