My stalker is my killer...

Adam was just your average teen except the fact he’s dead. Then again who cares about what a dead boy has to say?


12. 12

Chase was held up after school doing some work but he got done pretty soon and ran out to meet his friends but to his surprise he saw them walking into woods. Curiously he followed the two into the woods were all his memories came flooding back and his blood ran cold. Quickly and quietly he called the cops and told them were he was going and described the scenery around him. The two of them had walked to a house which Chase followed them too. Peering into the windows he saw his two friends dead bodies with the same scared expressions on their faces that they wore when they meet Liam. Then craning his neck he could see on the right side of the room of the house he could see Adam’s mom and dad still barely alive crying and screaming for help. Of course Chase relayed all the information back to cops who were on the phone and telling other cops.


    Chase went back to looking in through the window and now saw a Liam dragging Adam out by his legs into the middle of the room. Adam was screaming and crying begging for him to be let go. The pure look of fear and terror was written on his face as if he knew he was going to die. Chase held in a scream and begged for the cops to get there soon before his friend died. The police told him that they would be there soon but in truth the cops had never received a call until 4 months after Adam was murdered. After Adam was killed Liam left the house with a smile on his face.  Chase snuck into the house and somehow got Adam’s parents out but he didn’t remember doing any of this. A month after Adam was found his parents who had already recovered from there multiple stab wounds held a funeral for Adam. Everyone said how sorry they were that he had died at such a young as well as the other kids that were victims of the crazy man who was sent away to a mental house were he was kept locked up.


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