My stalker is my killer...

Adam was just your average teen except the fact he’s dead. Then again who cares about what a dead boy has to say?


11. 11

I stayed for drama club and then after that I walked home with Liam as Chase told us he couldn't meet up with us. I was scared and worried about it but then I felt a sense of ease suddenly. “Shall we walk home now?” Liam said in a voice that seemed to calm and collected to be bad. “Yeah let’s go.” I said and held my hand out to him and took it. He took my hand and smiled at me. “Then instead of going home would you like to go and see your parents?” He asked and without thinking I said. “Yes I do.” This had made him smile more as he started to walk me toward the woods by the school. I was I stuck in a trance light state now though my heart was pounding inside my chest. Yet despite being so scared I couldn't break away from him. Part of me knew my family was dead but I guess part of me was hoping that they were still alive.


    I did get to see my parents again but It wasn’t in the way that I had to see them again….

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