Part of His world

You may know the story of the little mermaid. How ever this story is quite different. You see in this story it was a demon who fell in love with a creature of the sea. So now would you like to come join us on this magical journey of: Love...War… Adventure....and much more?


5. Shipwreck


    Suddenly there was lighting that hit my ship right in the center and the whole thing caught on fire. “Abandon ship!” My men called out and jumped into the ship and swam to the spare boat. I tried to jump off but remembered there was a passenger on board with us. A women and a small child were below us taking shelter from the storm. “I’ll be right there!” I yelled out and ran down to help them off. “Ma’am you need to leave the ship now I promise to save your child!” She nodded with tearful eyes and jumped off and was helped right away in to the boat. I nodded and searched away finding her son hiding in the closet scared. “Hey kid ready to fly?” I asked but before the kid could ask I chucked him over watching as he was caught safely on the boat. I on the other hand was stuck with the ship as it went under water. Right as I managed to free my foot from the floorboards were it was stuck but before I could go for air  a wave knocked me down and I started to lose consciousness from lack of air.

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