Part of His world

You may know the story of the little mermaid. How ever this story is quite different. You see in this story it was a demon who fell in love with a creature of the sea. So now would you like to come join us on this magical journey of: Love...War… Adventure....and much more?


4. Setting Sail

Bill’s Pov-

    The ship set sail and my crew and I cheered happy to be back on the sea we all called home. “Where to boss?” One of men asked looking up at me as he blocked the sun out with his hand. “There should be an island dead ahead that is home to a sea of magical creatures. We are going there to learn of their kind and maybe even become friends.” I said with a small smirk as I watched out excited my crew grew. “What kind of creatures do you think live there?” One of my men asked and my mind started to think up every possible kind. “Maybe its mermaids, or demons, or maybe we’ll find ghouls and dragons. No one really knows because no one has ever made it to the island.” My crew grew quite and set out to work telling me they were determined to make it to the island.

    I was lost in thought for abit when one of my men called out again. “Sir there are ruff seas up ahead!” I took my telescope out and looked up ahead. “Go onward and do not turn back no matter what we will brave the storm.” I shouted out taking the wheel in my hands. The sky darkened quickly and soon rain was pouring down on to us in all directions.  My crew held on when the sea got bad and braved the storm. “Pull down the sheets!” I yelled out rushing out to help my men. The wheel started to spin like crazy now so as soon as he had more help I ran back to steer the ship out of the storm.

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