Part of His world

You may know the story of the little mermaid. How ever this story is quite different. You see in this story it was a demon who fell in love with a creature of the sea. So now would you like to come join us on this magical journey of: Love...War… Adventure....and much more?


6. My Hero has a tail!

My vision started to grow fuzzy and dark but just before it went black I saw what looked like a boy with a tail swimming toward me. He grabbed me and I could only imagine was the reason I’m here telling you this story today.

Dipper’s Pov-

    Mable was taking me to shore to see the stars for my birthday. “Dipper we have to go back!” She suddenly yelled at me as I was staring up at the sky with wide eyes. “What why?” I was confused and upset but looking at my sister I saw she was scared. I looked up just in time see a large object falling and heading in our direction. I moved out of the way and took a second look seeing that it wasn’t an object but a human that was still alive. Without a second thought I rushed down and grabbed him using all my strength I started to pull him up to the shore. Mable kept screaming out begging me to stop as I struggled to save him and ignored him. He may have been a human who used to hunt our kind but he still didn’t deserve to die. By some miracle I managed to pull him on to the shore and was able to stay with him with a while. I smiled looking at his handsome face and whispered to myself with wonder. “Your . not as scary as were told you guys are. I can’t believe your a real human…” I wanted to stay by him and just take in the moment but he started to wake up so I jumped back into the water.

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