Part of His world

You may know the story of the little mermaid. How ever this story is quite different. You see in this story it was a demon who fell in love with a creature of the sea. So now would you like to come join us on this magical journey of: Love...War… Adventure....and much more?


7. Dream Come True

Mable screamed at me and attacked me with a hug and punches. “Dipper! What in the world were you thinking!” I laughed a little then cried a bit in pain when she hit me really hard on the head. “I was thinking that I would never get another chance to see a human!” She rolled her eyes at me and hugged me again just happy I made it back safely.

Bill’s pov-

    “Captain! Are you okay!” I opened my eyes and looked around and saw my crew and the lady and her son were all safe and watching me with worried eyes. The boy who saved me though was nowhere to be seen. “Yeah...but what happened to the boy?” I asked coughing up salt water a bit as I tried to speak. They all looked confused at each other before they turned back to me. “Sir when we finally woke up all we saw was you. No one else was with you.” I shook my head knowing I saw someone else with me. “No there was a boy! I saw him right before I blacked out. He’s the one who saved me and brought me to shore. I have to find him and thank him for saving my life!” I said as I tried to jump to my feet but stumbled and then  was stopped by my crew. “Sir you should rest before we try and find this mystery boy of yours.” I knew they thought I was crazy but I still had hope because that night the little boy I had saved earlier came to my room. “Mr. I saw the boy too.” I smiled at him glad to know someone else saw him too.

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