Part of His world

You may know the story of the little mermaid. How ever this story is quite different. You see in this story it was a demon who fell in love with a creature of the sea. So now would you like to come join us on this magical journey of: Love...War… Adventure....and much more?


1. Adventure Awaits!

Bill’s pov-

    “It’s a beautiful day to set sail!” I smiled at the sent of sea salt in the air. My crew was busy at work on the ship. “Where all set to go sir!” One of my crew member came out to tell me. I titled my hat at him with a grin crawling on to my face and made my way around town. “Mummy isn't’ that the prince?” I heard a kid call out so I tilted my hat in a gentlemanly way. “Good day to you sir!” I said cheerfully to the small boy. “I was right! You are the Prince!” The boys eyes light up with excitement. “Yes, it is me but I need you to keep this a secret.” The boy covered his mouth and nodded. “I’m counting on you.” I said with a wink and headed back to my ship. “I’m home my love at last!” I said with open arms as I faced the sea with a big smile on my face. Boarding my ship I could see my crew was busy at work once again. “It’s time for an adventure!” I said with a smile and walked to my post. “Set our course for straight ahead.” I called out and the ship set sail.

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