I Shall Be Queen

Jessica Frost has turned into an immortal villian, and her adventures are slowly goring dangerously intense.


Author's note

I accidentally deleted the last one so here's the sequel again.

1. Villainy Rules

Villains are villains. They’ll stay that way.

King Jack Frost’s daughter, Princess Jessica, was the kingdom villain and the crown princess. If he didn’t find a way to get her back to normal, then the entire kingdom would be in danger.

Jack walked back from the kingdom courtyard, where he had last been with Jessica, to Elsa, who was in the palace, to tell her that Jessica was a villain full fledged. He knew that Elsa was not going to like what he had to say, but the problem was Jessica. He could not afford to lose his only daughter, the crown princess, to villainy.

“Elsa, I’m going to Villain Alley.”

Villain Alley was where all the villains lived and hung out. Jessica had become their leader, and the villains in Villain Alley were cruel and vicious. No one wanted to mess with them. Especially with Jessica, the only princess who had turned to villainy and succeeded in staying that way. Before, their group name had just been Villains. Now they changed it to Warriors of Hell.

Jessica had changed her name to Hecate. Now it was simply Jessica. Hecate was gone, inside of her.

Elsa looked at him, surprise on her face, and said, “Why?”

“Because I have to talk to her.”

“You know what she’ll do when she sees you, right?”

“She won’t hurt me. I know she won’t.”


“I need to talk to her.”

Elsa was quiet for a second, and then told him, “Be careful, Jack.”

“I will,” Jack replied. He then left, and walked to Villain Alley.

When he got there, a young woman came up to him. She had jet black hair and wore a simple dark purple dress with black trim that went to her ankles. Her name was Murdera.

“Come with me,” she said. She led him to a door (Villain Alley was more like an outdoor hallway) and knocked on the door.

“Jess! We have a problem.”

“What’s the problem?” Jessica replied.

“Your father is here.”

She then opened the door and led Jack in.

Jessica was standing in the middle of a room, pacing. She stopped. looked up and saw Jack and Murdera.

“I’ll leave you two to talk,” Murdera said, and closed behind her on her way out.

Then Jack turned to Jessica and said, “I need to talk to you.”

“Then talk.”

“I need you to come to the pier at 5 tomorrow evening.”

Jessica’s face asked a question, “Why?”

Jack answered without her needing to say anything.

“The royal family of Corona is coming tomorrow to visit, and the entire royal family’s required to be present. Including you.”

Jessica was silent, and then said, “I will come, but only because my presence is required.”

“Good. I’ll see you then.”

He then opened the door and left, leaving Jessica alone.

She stared after him, and called in Murdera.

“Murdera! Come in here!”

Murdera came in frantically. “Yeah, Jess?”

“I need to talk to you. Now!”

Meanwhile, Jack went back to the palace and told Elsa what he had told Jessica.

“Jack!” Elsa cried when Jack had finished. “What if she tries to hurt them? We better hope she gives a good impression.”

“She will.” Jack said. “She’s smart. Just because she’s the leader of a feared gang of villains doesn’t mean her decorum’s gone.”

Elsa sighed. “I hope she doesn’t go through with this villainy.”

“Elsa,” Jack said, “she’s completely through the process. She’s not going to turn back now.”

Elsa then turned away from Jack. “She’s not completely gone, is she?”

“That I can’t be sure of. She isn’t as bound to rules as much as she was before. Rules are be nothing to her. She won’t be bound to them.”

“She’s free,” Elsa replied. “She’s more free than anyone.”

“Yeah,” Jack said. “She’s finally free. But she’s been free since she ran off.”

“I just wish she would come back.”

“She is back, Elsa.” Jack replied. “She’s just living somewhere else in the kingdom, and she’s different. That’s all.”

“We won’t tell them she’s a villain.”

“Of course not.”

“I just want her the way she was before.”

Jack was silent, and then said, “So do I, Elsa.”

The next day, at 4 in the evening, Jessica came in a stunning and simple blue dress with glass slippers.

Jack was stunned. “Wow, Jess,” he said. “You look...different. I-It’s amazing!”

“Thank you.”

The queen and king then nodded deeply.

“Now that we’re all here, I trust you all remember what happened last time?”

Emily was frozen with fear. “I…” She couldn’t get the words out.

Jessica quickly changed her appearance to what it was before.

“This is what happens when you offend me.”

Jack started to say something, but stopped. He couldn’t tell her not to do this. He had to admit, they did deserve it. Or, well, Emily deserved it. After taunting his daughter the last time they’d met, she did deserve this.

“This is what I transform into.”

Meanwhile, Murdera was grabbing a nearby pistol and pointed it at the royal family, all of them, even Jessica’s parents and aunt, behind Jessica, over her shoulder.

Jessica sighed and said, “Murdera, set.” It meant to put the weapon down and not to shoot.

“Come on, Jess!”

“Murdera…” Jessica warned her.

Murdera sighed. “Alright.”

“I have more to my story than being the leader of a feared gang of villains. I’ll tell them not to bother you. Consider it respect.”

She then left, Murdera in tow.

Emily then said, “That was intense.”

Jack sighed and said, “We weren’t going to tell you because we didn’t want to scare you. I will advise you NOT to go into Villain Alley. It’s dangerous there. Of course, if anyone does go in there, it will be a miracle if they come out alive.”

The Linases looked at each other.

“However, if YOU go in there, she has promised not to hurt you. So you can go in there and tour it, but I would suggest you not go in there unless you like dark and mystery.”

The Linases said nothing, but nodded once.

“Let me show you around,” Jack said.

Jack then showed them the entire palace. The entire tour took about an hour. After the tour, they ended up in the guest room hallway.

“I’ll let you get ready,” he told them. “Meanwhile, I have to get Jess.”

He went back to Villain Alley and said to Carrie, who was guarding the entrance, “I have to see Jess. I have a message for her.”

“What’s the message?”

“Her presence is required at the ball tonight. 9 pm.”

Carrie ran and got Murdera to tell Jessica. Jessica came with Murdera 30 seconds later.

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m quite serious, Jessica,” Jack said sternly.

“Fine, I’ll come. But ONLY because it’s required, not because you’re asking.”

She paused, and then said, “Consider the fact that I am not happy with you, even 7 years after it’s been done. I know you did it because you hate her, not because of the evidence.”

Jack was surprised, but he didn’t show it and pretended not to hear her. “I’ve got to go, Jess. But I’ll see you at the ball.”

“Another reason why I hate you right now. You never listen.”

But Jack was out of earshot by then.

Jessica whispered to herself, “You’ll regret this, I promise.”

She went back to the office, and looked at all of the other dresses she had. Her pale blue dress would work perfectly.

At the ball, while Jessica was standing with her family, someone came up.

“Hello, Princess Jessica,” Prince Hans said.

“Hans?” Jessica and her parents said.

Hans had supposedly been murdered by Carrie. However, he was standing right in front of Jessica!

“MURDERA!” Jessica called.

She had brought Murdera so that she could be protected. Murdera went up next to Jessica and said to Hans, “You’re messing with the wrong person, buster!”

“I don’t think so,” Hans said. “She’s the one I want.”

In a flash, he grabbed his sword and stabbed Jessica through her chest.

“Jess!” Jack cried, frozen. He was so startled, he couldn’t do anything.

However, Jessica took it out calmly and said, “I won’t die now,” while pointing it at him.

Then, Murdera pointed a gun at Hans.

“No!” Hans yelled. Everyone was looking at them now.

“That’s what I thought.”

Finally, after 5 seconds, Hans surrendered. The guards took him, and put him in the dungeon. His trial was to be the next day.

Jessica left the ball after that, and didn’t come back.

The next day, Hans was led into the courtroom. The trial started, and the transcript is as follows:

His Majesty The King: Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, you’ve been accused of attempted murder of a royal. You’ve been accused of FAKING your own murder. What do you say to these accounts?

Prince Hans: I plead guilty to both accounts.

HMTK: You plead guilty?

Prince Hans: Yes.

HMTK: You realize that you nearly killed my daughter. Why?

Prince Hans: She’s not worth living.

*Everyone gasps. His Majesty looks horrified*

His Majesty: Jessica’s worth everything. How dare you say that!

*Prince Hans says nothing*

His Majesty: How did you fake your own death? Why did you frame Carrie?

Prince Hans: It was easier to frame her because she didn’t have a good reputation to begin with. My only problem was Jessica. That’s another reason why I tried to kill her. She got in the way.

His Majesty: Carrie was Jessica’s best friend, although I hate to say it.

*He glares at Jessica, who glares back at him. They glare at each other for about five seconds, and then His Majesty looks away*

His Majesty: She still is. You caused my daughter grief, and I won’t accept it. I hope you realize that my daughter is emotional. You do not want to mess with her.

Prince Hans: She isn’t very smart, because if she was, she wouldn’t have gotten in the way.

His Majesty: Jessica’s very smart, and if you think I’ll take that tone from you-

Prince Hans: I should have killed her.

*Silence in the courtroom*

HIs Majesty: What...did...you...say?

Prince Hans: I said, I should have killed her.

Princess Jessica: If you want to kill me, come and get me! I dare you.

His Majesty: Jessica, no, I can’t lose you!

*Princess Jessica stands up abruptly*

Princess Jessica: Hans doesn’t realize that I have a VERY bad reputation for being the leader of the Warriors of Hell.

Prince Hans: SHE’S their LEADER!!??

Princess Jessica: You really think that you can kill me?

*Princess Jessica laughs like a maniac. Everyone stares. She smiles wickedly*

Princess Jessica: Blood and tears got me in the position I’m in. And if you think you could possibly mess with me, you are horribly wrong.

Prince Hans: Whatever you say, gangster.

Princess Jessica: I take that as a compliment.

His Majesty: Enough, both of you.

*Princess Jessica sits down*

HMTK: Your punishment is you will stay in the dungeons until you are no longer living.

Prince Hans: Yes, Your Majesty.

His Majesty: Guards, take him out of here!

*Guards come in and drag Hans out of the courtroom*

*Everyone leaves the courtroom*



After the trial, Jessica was taken aside by Jack.

“Listen, Jess, I don’t want you going down to the dungeons and talking to him, okay? He’s...psychopathic, okay? He nearly killed you just because you got in the way! I mean, that’s dangerous, Jess! I want you to stay safe, and the only way you’re going to do that is if you don’t see him.”

“You’re saying that as if I love him with all my heart. I don’t! When will you finally understand? I’m not interested in boys, Dad, okay?”

That was the first and last time she ever called him Dad.

Jack stared at her, and finally, hugged her.

“You’ll always be my girl. You know that.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He smiled.

Then, she went back to Villain Alley.

Jack watched her leave, and called, “Jess?”

She looked back.

    “I love you.”

She looked surprised, but the surprise quickly faded, ending in a smile.

Murdera called to Jess, “Come on! The villains are waiting!”     

She finally went through the gates, and the girls closed and guarded them.

The next day, Arendelle woke up to see the kingdom in shambles. Carts were flipped over, everything that could be broken was broken. It was a mess, thanks to the Warriors of Hell.

Jack was informed of the mess and came outside to see just how bad it was. Everything was in a big tangle, and it would take hours to clean everything up.

Elsa came out and gasped at the destruction.

“Jack…did she do this?”

It didn’t take a genius to know who Elsa was talking about.

“Yeah,” Jack said. “I’m sure she did this.”

Elsa took in a shaky breath and said, “Let’s go see her.”

“She’s probably exhausted after what she did to this kingdom,” Jack said. “Let her rest.”

Jack knew that Jessica probably wasn’t exhausted, but rather very active. But he wanted to keep Elsa away from Villain Alley, at least until he got this sorted out.

But Elsa wouldn’t yield.

“Jess has a lot of energy. She wouldn’t be resting. She would be planning another attack.”

“Elsa, I don’t want you going in there and getting hurt. I told you, Jess is in the transformation from good to evil. The only thing that’s keeping her from hurting you is because she’s not that wicked yet. There’s a process of turning from good to bad. As I’m speaking, Jess is more than halfway through that process. The only thing she has yet to do is assassinate someone. Then, and only then, will I consider her pure villainous. So until she completely murders someone, she’s fine in my book.”

“So this is acceptable to you? What she’s doing, destroying the entire kingdom?!”

“Elsa, no one’s hurt. Everyone’s fine. We can just fix it with ice magic, and everything will be alright!”

“Are you sure, Jack?”

“Yes, Elsa, I’m sure.”

They fixed the kingdom with the ice magic they possessed and helped the ones who lost everything they owned.

Jessica had been standing in the shadows the whole time, smiling. Her plan had worked. Tipped them off guard.

It had been months. She wasn’t going to back out now.

She was too far gone.

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