I Shall Be Queen

Jessica Frost has turned into an immortal villian, and her adventures are slowly goring dangerously intense.


Author's note

I accidentally deleted the last one so here's the sequel again.

10. Turning, Turning, Stopped

Months passed. Jessica was finally able to break out of her cell by picking the lock.  Even though there were guards, the guards had fallen asleep, despite the fact that it was daytime. The Warriors of Hell had attempted many times to get Jessica out, but failed each time. It was December 5th.

Jack was on his throne, listening to a commoner’s problems. Elsa was beside him, her hand on his.  

Then Jessica peered through the doorway. She was repenting for her wicked ways. She would always be a villain on the inside, and she knew that. Anyone could use that to their advantage. But she was going to be the girl her father wanted.

Then Jessica, with her head bowed, entered the throne room after Jack called, “Enter, whoever is there!”

Jack was stunned at the sight at Jessica. “Jess? W-What are you doing here? H-How did you-”

She fell at Jack’s feet. She looked at him in the eyes. She didn’t say anything and Jack noticed that she had the same wild look in her eyes that she’d had when he’d released her before.

Jack bent down and took her hand and helped her up. He sat her on his knees. He wrapped his arms around her middle and whispered, “It’s okay, Jess.”  

Elsa looked confused. “What’s going on?”

Jack sighed and said, “I put her in the dungeon until she repented of her wicked ways. It seems to have done the trick.”

“You put her in the dungeon!” Elsa exclaimed. “Jack, you have poor judgement when it comes to this!”

“It did the trick and besides, her reign of terror is over!” Jack argued back.

Then he looked at Jessica, who was staring straight ahead.

“Jessica?” Jack said. Jessica turned her head toward him.

“How would you like it if I told you that the Warriors of Hell will be executed tonight at 6?”

Jessica’s face didn’t change. She simply turned away and looked straight ahead.

Then, that night, at 5:30, Jack, Elsa, and Jessica walked down to the middle of the town square and saw the Warriors of Hell in a locked cage.

Murdera spotted Jessica and called, “Jess!”

Jessica turned towards the Warriors of Hell.

“I thought I told you what would happen if you spoke one word when you weren’t being spoken to!” Jack said angrily.

Murdera was silent, but she glared at Jack.

Jessica began to walk toward the cage, but Jack called out, “Jess, this way!” Jessica turned to her father and walked over to him.

“He did something to her,” Murdera said to the others. Jack was too far away to hear. “He’s made her into something different.”

“What do we do?” Carrie asked. She was in the cage with everyone else.

“Remember, we’re immortal. We won’t die. Just act scared.”

So they acted scared, and it was enough to fool the crowd.

Then 6:00 came around, and the Warriors of Hell were tied to stakes. Then Jack called out to the crowd, “Tonight we witness the punishment of the Warriors of Hell, who have terrorized this kingdom since 1830!”

The crowd cheered.

“The only member of the Warriors of Hell we will not burn is Princess Jessica, crown princess of Arendelle and former leader of the Warriors of Hell, because she repented of her evil ways!”

The crowd murmured, then cheering came.

But although Jessica had repented, she was still their leader. She was not faking her psychosis and confusion, but she had a plan to get them out, because she remembered that they had helped her when nothing else did. She winked at the Warriors of Hell and smiled.

The Warriors of Hell noticed and nodded slightly.

Then Jessica looked at her father and clung tightly to him.

Jack smiled at Jessica. “Don’t worry, Jess. They’re tied up. They can’t hurt you.”

Then, Jessica began whispering. Jack didn’t know what she was whispering, but he pretended to be listening while he was really watching the guards put down straw at the feet of the Warriors of Hell. Then suddenly, the ropes tying the Warriors of Hell to the stakes slipped, setting the Warriors of Hell free. Once that happened, Jessica stopped whispering. Her eyes were wide.

“Jess, back away,” Jack ordered as he took out his sword from its scabbard. He pointed it at the Warriors of Hell and called to the guards, “Guards, seize them, and don’t let them get away!”

The guards quickly seized the Warriors of Hell, and Jack grabbed Carrie. She gasped in surprise and called, “Help us, Jess! Please, help us!”
    “Don’t listen to her, Jess! Stay where you are!” Jack ordered Jessica. “Don’t get pulled in to her deception!”

“No, please, I’m not tricking you!” Carrie cried. “Don’t you remember, Jess? You were one of us!”

“Exactly. She WAS one of you. Now, she’s good, her wickedness is gone, and she will never turn back,” he said, smiling at Jessica. “Jess is everything I could ask for. She’s my girl, and I know that someday, she’ll become a great ruler once I teach her everything.”

Murdera said, “I think you should let Jessica choose what she wants to be.”

Jack turned to Jessica. “Jess, what do you choose?”

Jessica was silent. Then she said, “Rule down there. I have to, Daddy. But I’ll come visit,” she added quickly when she saw Jack eyes turn to sorrow.

Then Jack considered the compromise. He sighed and said, “Since I cannot stop you from ruling the Underworld, you might as well go.”

Jessica smiled. She turned to the Warriors of Hell. “The Underworld, in my mind, will need you. You like to cause trouble, so the Underworld will be perfect for you because you get to cause trouble.”

The Warriors of Hell cheered.

“So, they’ll stay in the Underworld, then? They won’t come back up when you do?” Jack asked.

“They’ll stay in the Underworld unless they decide to come up with me,” Jessica said. Then slowly, her eyes met Jack’s. “Don’t you realize that I’m not the next you? I am the queen of the underworld. I rule what is dreaded and feared. I rule over Pitch himself.”

“Don’t say his name!” Jack cried. “You might invoke him!”

“Please. I could take him down with one hit,” Jessica replied, rolling her eyes. “Now, I’m still here with you. So unless you want my inner demon to rip you apart, I suggest you release the Warriors of Hell.”

The guards quickly let go of the Warriors of Hell. Jack let go of Carrie. Then he ordered, “Guards, lock them into Villain Alley until it’s time for them to go into the Underworld.”

They locked the Warriors of Hell away, and then Jack took Jessica aside.

“Jessica, I-”

“Don’t say you thought I was better than this. This isn’t my choice. I didn’t choose to be queen of the Underworld. We all know that Man in the Moon chose me like this. It just happened sooner than he wanted it to because of the ritual.”

“Jess, I never thought that you would end up like this. When you didn’t want to get married, I knew I had to do something to make you. Jess, I wanted you to get married to someone I chose because I thought that would be best for you.”  

“But it wasn’t the best for me. Right when I was about to be a wife, my demon saved me.”

“Saved you? Jess, that demon made you abandon all hopes of a good future!”

“My future lies in the Underworld, where I will rule alongside King Daniel forever. I am the last queen of the Underworld, and I will never die, and neither will you.”

Jack was shocked. “How did you know I was immortal?” he asked.

“The Guardians told me,” she said. “When I was on the run from Pitch and from you.”

“Jess, I was never on Pitch’s side,” Jack began, but Jessica put her hand up.

“You were once, but that’s not the reason why I was running from you. I was running from you because I didn’t want to hurt you,” Jessica said.  “When I didn’t want to be with Pitch anymore, I hid, so that you wouldn’t find me and I wouldn’t hurt you. I couldn’t control the demon back then. Now I can.”

Jack was silent. Then he said quietly, “Go rule whatever you have to. But I’ll miss you. Little footsteps running around will be what I miss.”

“You’re forgetting Ethan,” Jessica said.

“Who-” Jack stopped. “Jess, how did you know about Ethan?” he demanded.

When Jessica was 16, Elsa had given birth to a baby boy, Ethan, on December 20th. However, the doctors told her that Ethan would someday rise up against them. Elsa and Jack took Ethan to a witch for him to live with her until they were ready to take care of him, because Jessica had been a very difficult child back then. Both Elsa and Jack had to fight to take care of her wild spirit.

By now Ethan was about 3 years old. Jess was right, Ethan could help.

Then Jack said again, “Jess, how did you know about Ethan?”

“What, you think I wasn’t able to hear Mom’s screams of pain as she gave birth? You think I didn’t see her tummy get larger with a child each month as it passed?” Jessica said.

Jack shook his head and said, “You’re right, Ethan could help.”

“I’ll get him,” Jessica said.

“Wait,” Jack said. “You don’t know how to get there.”

“Yes, I do,” Jessica said. “I followed you that night.”

Then she ran off to get her little brother.

She reached a little cottage in the wood and knew. This was the witch’s cottage. She went to the door and knocked.

A little boy about 3 years old answered the door. He had white hair like Jack, and his eyes were the same shape and color as Elsa’s.

“Hey there,” Jessica said. “What’s your name?”

“Ethan,” the boy said.

“Hello, Ethan.” Jessica said. “I’m your older sister, Jessica. Come with me, we’re going to your mommy and daddy.”

Ethan then said, “Mommy and Daddy?”

“Yeah, Mommy and Daddy.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Ethan, I’m positive. Come with me, Ethan.”

While they walked, Jessica explained everything to Ethan. Ethan didn’t understand, but no one can expect a 3-year-old to understand.

Then they reached the kingdom. Jack and Elsa were standing outside the castle, talking to one another.

When Jack saw Jessica and Ethan, he smiled. He looked at Elsa and said, “They’re here.”

Elsa saw them and said, “Ethan! Jess!”” She bolted towards Ethan and scooped him up. Ethan then said, “Momma!” Elsa laughed as tears fell.  

Then Jack said to Jess, “Go rule. Ethan can take over when he turns of age.”

Jessica smiled and said goodbye to Ethan and her parents. Then she screamed, “Warriors of Hell, let’s go!”

A hole in the cobblestone road opened up, showing an orange glow. The Warriors of Hell went first. Then, Jessica turned toward her parents and brother one last time, and waved. All three waved back.

“I’ll come back,” she called, smiling. Then she jumped into the hole, and it closed after she went down.

Arendelle wouldn’t be the same without her.

However, neither would the Underworld.

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