I Shall Be Queen

Jessica Frost has turned into an immortal villian, and her adventures are slowly goring dangerously intense.


Author's note

I accidentally deleted the last one so here's the sequel again.

4. The Journey Through

Lilith lived in a tower that was right outside Arendelle’s borders. It was always dark and stormy there. Lilith rarely got visitors because she was not known very well, besides the fact that she was intimidating.

The journey was treacherous and winding. There were many dangers ahead. However, Jessica had a weapon with her: a dagger that, with a push of a button on the hilt, turned into a sword and back again. The blade folded into the handle only if it was in dagger form. Her father had given it to her when she was 10, knowing that a princess had to defend herself when there was no one else around.   

Finally, when they reached the woods, Carrie stopped, and said, “Are you sure there isn’t another way to her tower?”

The woods was full of dangers, such as Spectre Warriors, which were warriors turned spectres that were so dangerous and aggressive no one dared to go near them, Dream Burners, which were monsters that feasted upon good dreams, leaving behind the nightmares that caused insanity in some people, Howling Demons, which were demons that howled in misery for all the woods to hear and had been risen up by the Rite of Infernality, and much worse. Only the tamest of the creatures, and there were only a few of them, could sense who the Queen of the Netherworld was, and actually listened to her. The tamest of the creatures were 5 species: Liches, undead warlocks, Faerie Sylphs, woman killer faeries, Killer Souls, souls that killed others, turning whomever it kills into one of them, Parasite Vulpines, foxes that have long fangs and drink blood, and Howling Demons. In the entire Wood there were 15 different types of monsters.

“I’m sure, Carrie,” Jessica said. “Let’s go.”

They then went in, Jessica making sure she had her weapon with her.

They walked down the path, which ended after a couple of miles.

“Jess, why is it so dark here?” Carrie asked.

They heard a howl behind them.

Jessica and Carrie quickly turned around. There was a Howling Demon standing right behind them. Its head was pointing upward before, now it looked straight at them. The demon looked like a regular human, although his eyes were red, his teeth were very sharp, and his nails were as sharp as a bird’s talons.

“Queen Jezebel,” it said.

Jessica frowned. She looked behind her, in case the demon was talking to someone behind her. There was no one there.

“I’m sorry?” she said.

“Your demon name, mistress,” the demon said. “We know you as Queen Jezebel, as Jezebel is your demon name.”

This was news to Jessica.

“It is a pleasure to meet you,” the demon said.

Before Jessica could respond, the demon perked up and looked to the left. He then looked back at Jessica and said, “I must go. Goodbye.” He then ran off, out of sight.

Carrie looked at Jessica. “That was strange.”

Jessica nodded. “Let’s keep going,” she said, and continued walking.

Then they kept walking, finding more creatures along the way. Most were tame.

However, before they reached the border of the woods and the border of Arendelle, a Crystal Warlock, one of the more aggressive creatures, stood before them. This creature wasn’t tame. It was violent, and hungry.  

Jessica quickly whipped out her dagger, pressing the button, turning it into a sword. She pointed it at the Crystal Warlock, a warning.

Jack had taught Jessica how to fight, mostly with a staff, but he taught her how to fight with a sword,too. She had excelled in sword fighting, and no one wanted to force her into a fight.

The Crystal Warlock, however, didn’t take warnings. It didn’t care if it lived or died, as long as it killed.

Jessica began sword fighting the warlock, dodging left and right.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Then, finally, after a minute, Jessica jabbed him right in the chest. He went down on his knees, falling face forward in the dirt, dead.

Carrie looked at Jessica, eyes wide. “You killed him!”

“Carrie, if I hadn’t killed him, we would both be torn apart by now.”

The path, it turned out, hadn’t led to the border. It led to someplace else.

The Kingdom of the Underworld.

Jessica was queen, and although she ruled the Underworld, she wasn’t there very often. In fact, she would rule in the Underworld for only 6 months of each year. There was a king who ruled without her for the other 6 months, and it wasn’t Hades. It was a man named King Daniel. He was handsome, ruthless, and enjoyed revenge as much as Jessica did.

Jessica grabbed Carrie’s hand. “Come on, Carrie. You have to stay with me. The Underworld is a very dangerous place, but as long as you’re with me, you’ll be safe.”

“How do you know your way around?”

“Because I rule down here for 6 months of every year. However, I don’t start until January. It’s June right now.”

It was hot as summer, and Carrie felt like she couldn’t walk. But Jessica was fine. She then led Carrie to the thrones. The throne to the right, Jessica’s throne, was empty, but upon the throne beside it on the left sat a man who looked like a teenager, about 15 or 16. King Daniel.

He saw Jessica and said, “I take it you are to be my queen?”

“Yes, I am,” Jessica said. “Carrie and I need your help.”

Daniel leaned forward. “I’m listening, my queen.”

“I’m the leader of the Warriors of Hell, the gang of Arendelle. I want to make my members immortal so that we can cause trouble forever, so that we will always be around. However, the path in the woods does not lead to the sorceress Lilith’s tower, but instead leads here. I need help getting to Lilith’s tower to get the Angels’ Orb for the Ritual of Three Angels. Once my teammates are immortal, we will cause trouble for all eternity, and get revenge against those who hurt us over the years.”

Daniel was silent for a moment and then said, “I’ve never heard of the Ritual of Three Angels, but then again, I’ve never heard of many rituals. What is the Ritual of Three Angels?”

“The Ritual of Three Angels requires a dead body and the Angels’ Orb. It rises someone from the dead, and then makes them immortal. The ritual used to rise me, however…”

“It was the Rite of Infernality. The only way that you can possibly become the Queen of the Abyss,” Daniel put in.


“I will help you. However, my queen, I must ask something of you.”


“I’m sure Lilith has these. I need you to get the Crowns of Pain and Terror.”

The Crowns of Pain and Terror were just as dangerous as the Angels’ Orb. Whomever wore the crowns would inflict what magic the crowns had on others.

Jessica smiled. “I can get those for you.”

Daniel replied, “Good. Then, we will wear the crowns, and inflict pain and terror in many souls. Don’t worry. Once you get the crowns, I’ll take over from there.”


“Now go, my queen. I’ll send you to Lilith. I love you, my queen.”

Jessica nodded once.  

Then, Daniel waved his hand, and they teleported to outside Lilith’s tower.

Once they got there, Carrie felt fear building up inside of her. The tower looked dark and gloomy, as though no one had lived there for centuries. Despite that, it didn’t look as though it were on the verge of collapse.

They went inside, keeping quiet all the while.

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