I Shall Be Queen

Jessica Frost has turned into an immortal villian, and her adventures are slowly goring dangerously intense.


Author's note

I accidentally deleted the last one so here's the sequel again.

9. Once Again

Jessica came running up to the gate. The Warriors of Hell heard running footsteps but didn’t bother looking towards the gate to see who it was. Then they heard Jessica’s voice. “Murdera? Carrie?”

“Jess!” Murdera cried, racing to the gate. “Please, let us out of here!”

“Hold it!” the guard said. “I can’t let you just-”

Jessica knocked out the guard, her strength growing as her excitement grew, and, unlocking the gates, opened them.

Murdera and the others then went into formation as they had before with Jessica.

“Now listen up!” Jessica said, gaining her former authority. “My father needs your help fighting in a war tonight. However, it will NOT be good against evil. It will be evil against evil. Although we will be fighting beside my father, we will still be fighting the other side. So, let’s show King Gabriel and his army that we are not to be challenged!”

They nodded, and Jessica led them back to the palace to the throne room, where Jack stood at a window. He saw Jessica coming in and smiled at her. She smiled back and turned around to the Warriors of Hell.

“My father will tell you exactly what’s going to happen. He’ll tell you everything.”

The Warriors of Hell went into formation and were reluctant to bow. When they finally did, Jack then said, “I know that you are ruthless and cruel, considering your actions since 1830. Now, I hate to say this, but I need your help fighting King Gabriel, as most of the men were killed in the last war. You as a group are as strong as an army. With the rest of the men and your help, we could win the war. So Jessica has agreed to help. Do you?”

The Warriors of Hell looked at each other and nodded.

Murdera told him, “But you must promise that if Arendelle wins the war, then we can run around free.”

“Done,” Jack said.

Murdera looked at Jessica. “Are you ready?”

Jessica nodded. “Let’s go!” she said.

They raced out into the streets.

Jack gathered the men and hid to surprise the other army.

Jessica and the Warriors of Hell hid on the other side.

Then the war began as the army, who wasn’t expecting a surprise, quickly defended themselves.

The streets were chaos. Houses were burned up, people were murdered. As the war came to an end, Jessica (who had a cut on her arm and bruises on her cheeks, as well as a cut across her eye) turned around and blade met skin, giving her excruciating pain.

The one who stabbed her yelled, “I got her! Let’s go! Let’s go!”

The army quickly retreated, and they fled as Jack’s army and the Warriors of Hell charged at them.

Jack had a cut on his left cheek, and a bruise on his right. His side hurt badly, but he walked fine.

“Jessica? Jessica?” Jack called out.

There was no answer.

Then a guard yelled, “Your Majesty! Come quickly! Princess Jessica’s been wounded!”

Jack came running and saw Jessica, who was in worse shape than Jack by a long shot, kneeling on the ground.

“Jess!” Jack exclaimed, quickly grabbing the sword out of her and took Jessica into his arms, kneeling as he did so.

“No,” he whispered. “Jessica, don’t die. Please, don’t die again.”

Then the villagers gathered around and saw Jack and Jessica’s state, and began murmuring.

Then Elsa came out of the castle (Jack had told her to run and hide, as he didn’t want to lose her) and gasped when she saw everything.

“Jack!” She raced to his side and upon seeing Jessica gasped. “Oh, Jess...Jack, what happened?”

“Jessica was knifed,” Jack said bitterly.

Jessica looked at her mother and smiled, but her smile was forced and caused her pain.

Then she whispered, “Don’t be sad just because I’m dying. I’ll come back again.”

“Jess, don’t leave us,” Elsa said. “Please, don’t.” Tears were running down her face.

“I’ll be fine, just don’t mourn for me,” she whispered, her voice beginning to trail off.

“Jessica,” Jack said.

Then Jessica’s head slowly dropped, her eyes slowly dulled. The life was nearly gone from her body.  

“Jess,” Jack whispered, his head bowed and he bent over her body. “Jessica.”

He looked at Elsa, who was looking so shocked she couldn’t move.

Then Jessica’s eyes flashed, and the Warriors of Hell saw it.

“She’s coming back! She’s coming back!” Murdera said.

Jack looked at Jessica’s face and saw her eyes had life in them once more. However, her face was full of anger.

She looked at him with angry eyes.

“Jessica?” Jack said, wiping the tears from his eyes. “Jess?”

Jessica sprang towards him, letting out a roar that did not sound human.

Jack quickly sprang back, trying to get away.

“Jessica! Jessica, stop!”

She stopped, and froze. She didn’t freeze over, but she froze like a computer screen when it’s doing so many tasks at once.  Her face was full of anger so much that it was frightening.

He slowly backed away and stood up, staring down at her. Then he said, “Move, Jessica. Now.”

She leaped into action, standing up and charging Jack. It was then that Jack saw that her eyes, instead of being their original blue, were a deep red that flashed angrily.

“Jessica…” Jack said warningly.

He caught her hands and pushed away. She pushed right back. Jessica growled like an animal, trying to get to him. He was able to keep her back until he pushed her onto the ground, causing her to fall.

Then Jessica glared at Jack. She wanted to destroy him. Make him pay for everything he’d done to her. But...hadn’t she forgiven him?

No! NO! You can’t forgive him I won’t let you!

But Hecate would have to let her.

She screamed, a piercing cry. “I won’t let you!”

“Be quiet, Hecate! Just be quiet for one-” Jessica stopped, and then again:

“No! I can’t! I won’t let you!”

Jessica growled. Her eyes flashed from blue to red and then back again.

She cried, “Get out of here! Go now! Before she-” Then Jessica growled. “I WON’T LET YOU!”  

“Hecate!” Jack yelled. “Let go of my daughter!”

“She’s already gone,” Jessica said in a raspy voice. Her eyes were red.  “I am here now.”

“Get the pastor now!” Jack yelled to a guard. “Everyone, back up! Hecate might try something, and I don’t want anyone to get hurt!” he ordered. He had his arms out.

Everyone quickly backed away and Jack glared at Jessica, his hand still up. “Hecate, I know you’re mad, but that doesn’t give you the right to be inside my daughter. Now let her go.”

“What do I get in return?” Hecate asked.

“Death,” Jack replied. “You don’t need to live inside my daughter’s body to live. You only do it because she let you when she went onto Pitch’s side.”  

“She will become his wife, and they WILL rule!”

“No,” Jack said. “I won’t let her.”

Just then the pastor came. He said to one of the guards, “Please restrain her,” after he bowed to Jack.

The guard restrained Jessica, and Hecate screamed.

“Let go of me!”

The guard held her tight and suddenly, Jessica went slack, bringing the guard down. He was able to bring his posture up. Jack raced to Jessica and felt for a pulse. There was none.

“No,” Jack whispered. “She killed her. Hecate killed her.”

The pastor then said, “I can attempt to rid this evil goddess, sire.”

Jack nodded. “Rid the demon Hecate, free Jessica from her grasp.”

The pastor nodded. “Yes, sire.”  

Then he took out a cross. “Evil goddess, you have gone too far. Please let go of this innocent princess, as she is not yours. If you do not obey me, then by the rules by this world, you shall be forgotten, and you shall be destroyed.”

There was a growl, and everyone looked around to figure out where it had come from. Then a villager said, “Look! Princess Jessica!”

Jessica was slowly lifting her head. Her eyes were blue.

And the guard holding Jessica wasn’t a guard, but Hecate, in a dark purple dress.

“What makes you think that I’ll let her go?” Hecate said. Jessica looked afraid.

“Hecate, goddess, if you let her go, then we will give you a sacrifice,” the pastor said.

Hecate considered, and then said, “What is the sacrifice?”

“We’ll give you Carrie White,” Jack said.

“NO!” Jessica yelled, her voice so loud and sharp that everyone jumped. “Not Carrie! Anyone but Carrie! Anyone but my group and my family! Take me, Hecate!” Jessica said. She looked at Hecate. “Take me from this. I can help you in many ways.”

“No, Jess, I can’t lose you!” Jack said. “You know that!”

“You already lost me,” Jessica said.

“Jess, if you die again, if I lose you again, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I love you more than anything, Jess. When you died before- you don’t know this-I hurt myself with a knife, so that I would forget about the fact that you weren’t here. I still have the scars. I love you that much, Jess.”

Jessica was quiet.  

“Jess, I can’t let you become a villain, not again. Everything I’ve done to keep Arendelle a good kingdom will unweave. I can’t let that happen. It’s gone too far!”

“I cannot help but be a villain. It is my nature.”

“No, Jess, you can be more than just a villain. You can rule an entire kingdom. All you have to do is turn from your wicked ways.”

Jessica was silent.

“Please, Hecate, don’t take our daughter from us. We’ll do whatever you want us to do, just don’t take Jessica.”

Hecate was silent as she considered. Then she replied, “Fine. Whatever I want you to do, hmm?”

“Yes, whatever you want us to do. Please, don’t take Jess.”

“Fine, I won’t take her. I’ll think about a task later. Goodbye, king and queen of Arendelle.” With that, she left, letting go of Jessica at the same time she vanished.  

Jack raced to Jessica and grabbed her arm, saying, “Jess, come with me. We have to talk now.”

The guards shooed the villagers away. “Everything’s over! Everyone, go back to your homes!”

Meanwhile Jack pushed Jessica into a room and closed the door. He then turned to face her.

“Honestly, Jessica, I thought you were better than this! Helping the most evil goddess! Everything would have gone perfectly if you hadn’t interfered! I wouldn’t have to still deal with Carrie if you had stayed silent! Now I’ve tried to help you, I really have! But it seems you don’t want it.”

“Tried to HELP me? You left me to die in that place you call a room! It’s more like an insanity cell! I nearly went insane because you locked me in! I lost contact with REALITY because of you! I don’t NEED you! I don’t need your help!”

“No? It seems you do. Because you’re insane, Jessica. You would have become the girl I wanted. Not anymore. What turned you? What changed you? Villainy! I nearly lost you to villainy! You died, and caused me these scars!” He showed her the scars from his cutting.

“I didn’t cause you these scars. You caused them.”

“I was overtaken by grief because of you!”

Jessica said, “It is not my fault I died! I was poisoned! I was careful! I made sure that no one was around!”


“I died! It’s over! Just because you cut yourself-that means NOTHING! That can heal! I, on the other hand, lost REALITY! I lost what I loved most!”

“Which was?”


Jack was silent. Then he said, “Me? You love me most?”

“Yes! I lost you when I died! We lost each other! Don’t you get it?” Jessica exclaimed. “You’re my role model! You’re the reason I am who I am now!”

“No! I’m not the reason you’re a villain! That’s all on you. I guess I should have chained you when I had the chance. But I loved you too much. I let love get in the way. Now you’re still a villain. I refuse to give up on you. I WILL get you to turn back, even if it takes my life!” Jack said.

He grabbed her and forced her into her room again, this time slamming the door shut and locking it. Then he froze it shut.

The Jessica began to pound. Then after three hits, the door flew off its hinges!

Jack jumped, startled. Jessica looked so angry. Jack began backing away. Jessica grabbed him by the throat and without hurting him, she lifted him into the air.

“I won’t be locked away by you,” Jessica growled. “You may be my father, but you can’t control me. No one can.”

Jack was able to get out of Jessica’s grip and landed on his feet.

“I’m not trying to control you, Jessica. I’m trying to change your ways.”

“NOTHING can make me change my ways.”

“I can,” Jack said. Then he smiled. But his smile was wicked.

“What can you possibly do to make me?”

Jack grabbed her by the arm and forced her down into the dungeon.

“Locking me up does nothing. Haven’t you realized that?” Jessica said as he pushed her into a cell and closed the cell door

“It will when you find out what I’m going to do next.” he said as he locked her in. The he pocketed the keys and smiled.

“As far as I’m concerned, you’re going to stay here. I won’t let you out. I’ll make sure that you turn from your wickedness,” he said as he walked away.

“What father puts their own daughter in a DUNGEON?” Jessica called behind him.

“One that’s concerned because of their daughter’s villainous ways!” Jack called back. Then he left the dungeon.

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