I Shall Be Queen

Jessica Frost has turned into an immortal villian, and her adventures are slowly goring dangerously intense.


Author's note

I accidentally deleted the last one so here's the sequel again.

6. Everything Turns Dark

When they got down into the underworld, it was as hot as before. They made their way back to Daniel, pushing through the crowd towards the thrones. Daniel was surprised to see them.

“I didn’t think it would take you that short amount of time,” he said.

“The Queen of the Netherworld gets everything she wants,” Jessica said.

“Yes, she does,” Daniel said.  

Jessica then pulled out the crowns and handed them to Daniel.

“Tell me, Jessica. Which crown do you prefer?” he asked.

“The Crown of Terror,” Jessica replied.

He put the Crown of Pain on his head, and then put the Crown of Terror on her throne seat.

“Since you aren’t ruling now, you won’t need the crown until you come back down.”

“I must go. But I WILL be back, have no doubt about that!”

Then Jessica left with Carrie, back to Arendelle.

The only problem was that it was going to be harder to get back.

They began walking through the woods and halfway through, Jessica stopped.

“What’s wrong? Jess?” Carrie asked. She didn’t know what was going on.

Jessica was sensing something. She took out her dagger and pressed the control.

A witch came out of the trees and stared at them. She looked at Jessica and whispered, “So it is true.”

“What is?” Jessica asked.

“You are Jessica, queen of the Underworld,” the witch said.

“Yes, I am,” Jessica said.

“You must die, Queen Jessica!”

Jessica was startled and shocked. “What?”

“You took my spot as Queen! I was to be Queen of the Netherworld, and you took my position!”

“It was not my fault that the ritual was used to raise me.”

“I hope you realize that I will be the reason you die next time. Why were you chosen? Why was I not enough?”

“Because I was already half-demon!”

The witch stopped. “You are half-demon?”

“I was cursed to be half demon. When Carrie died, a demon came to me and cursed me, saying I would become half-demon each time I got angry. Needless to say, it was a mistake on his part. I am the Queen of the Underworld. You, a witch who has offended me, shall stay in the Abyss, and I will let the king decide your fate!”

Then she sent the witch down into the Netherworld.

Carrie simply stood there, staring at the spot where the witch once stood. “You sent her down into the-” She couldn’t finish.

“Yes, I did. I sent her into Hell, as that is where she belongs.”


“Because she offended me,” Jessica said. “I won’t accept it.” She began walking away, her back turned.

“I hate to say this, Jessica, but you’re turning out like your father.”

Jessica stopped, and was silent for so long that Carrie was afraid that she had offended her. Then Jessica turned her head slightly back and spoke angrily.

“I’m nothing like my father,” Jessica replied and then kept walking.

Carrie followed behind closely. “You just sent someone to Hell because she offended you. Don’t you think that’s a bit like your father? I mean, he burned me without even looking at the evidence!”

“I repeat, I am nothing like my father,” Jessica said.

“Jess,” Carrie said. “I know you. The real Jessica wouldn’t have sent someone down into the Netherworld, she would have given them mercy and sent them on their way.”

“I AM the real Jessica, Carrie.”

“You’ve changed, Jess. Significantly. I-I hate to say it, but...I don’t even recognize you anymore.”

Jessica said nothing. She simply kept walking.

“Jess, I’ve decided I’m going to stay here in the woods.”

Jessica stopped and looked at her. “What?”

“I knew that’d get your attention. Jess, you have to listen to me. Ever since I’ve known you, you were always the one who knew what she was going to do, who had her future ahead of you. You’re crown princess, Jess, and you’ll rule Arendelle someday. But you helped me, Jess. You broke the rules to be my friend. You disobeyed your FATHER, the KING, just to be with me. You made sure that everyone knew that you were not someone anybody would want to hurt. YOU, Jess. Now, you’ve sent someone down into the depths of the abyss because they offended you. I feel like I’ll be next, Jess! I feel like if I step out of line just once, you’ll do the same thing to me. You intimidate me, Jess. I hate to admit it, but you’re more intimidating than your father, and I know how intimidating he is.”

Jessica had a look on her face that Carrie couldn’t read. Anger? Surprise? Shock? Carrie couldn’t tell.

Then, Jessica looked away. She began walking again.

“Were you even listening?” Carrie asked.

“Yes, Carrie. I was listening. I have no comment. No matter what you do, Carrie, I will never forget you. If you die again, I will rise you again. I refuse to let you go.”

“Jess, I feel like I’m being used by you. Like I’m slowly being made to suffer. I don’t want to spend all my days with you, Jess.  I want to be set free. I don’t want to be the best friend of an unmerciful queen of the underworld.”

Jessica stopped and turned to Carrie. “I am not unmerciful, Carrie. But would you set free someone who offended you?”

“Your father has offended me many times, but he’s the king, and I can’t just keep him prisoner. Besides, each time, he would do it right in front of you, and you did nothing about it.”

“Because I was afraid he would hurt me.”

“What do you mean?”

“The times he offended you were when he was in a bad mood.”

“Yeah, so?”

Jessica paused and said, “Whenever Daddy was in a bad mood, he would grow angry. I know the side of my father the townspeople do not.”

“Which side is that?”

“The bad side.”

“What do you mean?”

“Whenever Daddy’s angry, he takes the anger out on me, and only me. He would beat me at night, or slap me if I said something wrong.”

Carrie looked sympathetic. “My mama was the same way before I died. When Mama found out about being friends with you, she locked me in my bedroom and wouldn’t let me out until the next morning. She doesn’t like your father, she feared that you would become like him.”

Carrie paused, and then said, “How often did Jack hurt you?”

“About 6 times a month, sometimes double of that.”

“I never knew your father to be hurtful. Intimidating and happy most of the time, but never hurtful.”

“He can be hurtful.”

“Well, we might want to get back to the group. They’ll want to know what happened.”

They kept walking. Jessica then said, “Are you really thinking of staying in the woods?”

“I only said that to get your attention, Jess. I’m your best friend. I refuse to leave you.”

They walked down the path and suddenly, out of nowhere came a Crystal Warlock, much like the one they’d encountered before. But this one had a couple other monsters at its side. A Lich and a Howling Demon, both of which were at the strongest degree, the degree where royal commands from the underworld had no effect on them.

Jessica quickly brought out her sword and pointed it at the monsters, yelling, “Back off!”
    The monsters paid no attention. They were advancing on the girls.

Suddenly, there was a shout.

“Get away from them!” The voice was shockingly familiar.

The monsters startled and ran off.

Revealing Jack with a sword in his right hand.

“Jess!” Jack exclaimed. He dashed to her and was about to put his arms around her when she quickly put her arms in front of her in defense.

“Jess, it’s okay! I’m not going to hurt you,” he said to her. He glared at Carrie. “What did you do to her?”

“I-I didn’t do anything! She-she told me-” Carrie didn’t get to finish because Jack quickly put his hand around Carrie’s throat. He didn’t squeeze, but it was enough to make her stop talking.

“I know you’re lying. I don’t care if you’re her best friend! What did you do to her?”

“I didn’t-”

“She didn’t do anything,” Jessica finally said, coming out of her fear-induced daze.

“Are you just saying that to save her?” Jack asked, suspicious. “Or is it true? I know you’ll do whatever it takes to save her.”

Jessica said nothing.

“You’re weakening, Jess. You’re letting the common folk muddle your mind. I should have known once you went to Carrie you couldn’t come back. They make you weak, Jessica. In fact, now that I think about it, Carrie is probably the one who brought you into villainy.”

“I didn’t-” Carrie stopped as Jack tightened his grip. He didn’t hurt her, but he had a grip that she couldn’t let go.

“Be quiet, you little twit,” Jack said sternly. She was quiet.

“Let her go. She did nothing wrong,” Jessica said. But there was a wavering in her voice. Carrie heard it, and hoped that Jack hadn’t heard it, too.

But Jack heard it. “Are you lying, or are you afraid of me?”

Jessica said nothing.

“Jessica?” Jack said. “Answer me.”

She bowed her head and without looking at him said, “I’m afraid of you.”

Jack was hurt and surprised. “Why?”

“Because you look...mad. And when you’re mad...you usually take your anger...out on me.” Jessica said.

“Jess, I-I...I’m sorry,” Jack said. “My anger gets the best of me sometimes. I never should have hurt you.”

“Why are you here?”

“Jess, Murdera told me that you were going through the  woods to get to Lilith’s tower to get the Angels’ Orb-which I have no idea what that is-and make them immortal. I had to stop you before it was too late.”

He then looked at her hand, which held the Orb. “But I guess I was too late.”

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