I Shall Be Queen

Jessica Frost has turned into an immortal villian, and her adventures are slowly goring dangerously intense.


Author's note

I accidentally deleted the last one so here's the sequel again.

15. Death

Jessica reluctantly followed him back into the large ballroom, where everyone was talking to each other.

Jessica was able to find Ethan surrounded by other royals. He saw Jessica and dashed to her.

“They’re being mean to me, Jess,” Ethan said. “They’re calling me names and saying that I don’t deserve to live.”

Jessica was taken aback. She took Ethan into her arms protectively and said, “Don’t worry, Ethan, they’re not going to hurt you anymore.”

“Oh, yeah?” said one of the princes. “What makes you think that?”

“Because I can promise you right now that if you try to hurt him again…”

She held up her palm and a burst of fire appeared. It didn’t burn her, but it startled the children-Ethan and the princes.

The princes cried out and jumped back.

Then some women came over and put their arms over their children protectively.

“How dare you threaten our children,” a woman said.

Jessica simply retorted, “If your child had not hurt my younger brother, then I would not have done what I did.”

She led Ethan away from the women and other princes and brought him to a shadowy area, her heels clicking against the wooden floor.

She crouched gracefully and whispered, “I have another gift for you, Ethan, but don’t let Mommy or Daddy see it, okay?”

Ethan nodded and Jessica reached into her dress pocket. It was a morning star, a type of medieval weapon that had a long stick and a chain connecting it to a spike ball. It was miniature, but still deadly.

“Wow,” Ethan breathed. “But why do you keep giving me weapons?”

Jessica smiled and looked Ethan in the eyes. No one was watching them.

“So that you can defend yourself instead of people defending you. Keep it, you’re going to need it later.”

Then Jack came up to them and Ethan hid it quickly. Jack didn’t notice, and Ethan smiled at him.

Jack looked angry. “Jessica, I need to talk to you NOW. Alone.”

Jessica looked back at Ethan and mouthed, “Hide it in your room.”

Ethan waited until Jack and Jessica were gone, and then brought the morning star into his room and hid it under his bed.

Jack pulled Jessica into the room he had before, and shut the door and locked it.

“A couple women came to me and told me you threatened their children with fire.”

“I did it to save Ethan,” Jessica said. “They were bullying him. I figured I should help him instead of ignoring it.”   

“Jessica, I thought I told you not to threaten or intimidate ANYONE!” He glared at her with such ferocity that Jessica could just barely look into his eyes.

“Well, I-”

“No. No excuses, Jessica.”

“You would have done it too!”

“No, Jess.”

“Yes, you would have if-”


The volume of Jack’s voice made her jump.

He sighed and looked away, staring out the window.

“This is my fault,” Jessica said. “That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it?”  

“Yes.” Jack said. “It’s your fault you’re a villain-”

‘I’m not a villain! I changed!”

“No, you’re still a villain. You hung out with those villains and now, you’re one of them! You still hang out with them down in the Underworld. They’ve changed you. If I have to do something more drastic than I already have to get you back to good, then I will! When you were disoriented, you were faking you were good, weren’t you? You were faking everything.”

Jessica shook her head. “ No, I wasn’t. If there was one thing I wasn’t faking, it was being disoriented. I wasn’t sure about what was going on for a few days. I really was having hallucinations, because I was in that room for so long.”

“That was because I locked you in there to punish you for being a villain.”

Then Jessica said, “Daddy, I can’t change who I am.”

“Then I’ll help you.”

“Daddy, stop obsessing over this! I’m not a villain! I really am good!”

“No, you aren’t. You think you are. You’ve tricked yourself into thinking you’re good, into thinking you’re on the good side. That you’re on MY good side. That’s not true, Jessica. You’re on my bad side. I’m not happy with you, and it will take awhile before I am.”


“No. I’ve had enough of you, Jessica. I love you, but you’ve gone too far. I can’t let the villain take over. I can’t. You’re my daughter, and I’m sure I’ve said this before, I CANNOT lose my only daughter to villainy. My son will not turn out like you, a villain. He’ll become a good ruler, a good person, everything you aren’t.”

Jessica straightened and said, “It’ll be like that then, won’t it?”

Jack nodded. “That’s how it will be.”

Jack turned towards Jessica and stepped away from the window.

Jessica then said, “I can’t believe you just said that.”

“Well, I said it.”

Jack then turned his back on her and stared at the wall.

Jessica ran towards the window and crashed through it, shards of glass coming with her as she fell to the ground.

Everything felt as though it were in slow motion. Jessica saw Jack look over the window at her. He called out, “Jessica!”

Jessica didn’t answer him. She crashed to the ground, her head hitting the ground so hard that everything went black. Her last sight was Jack looking down at her, crying.

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