I Shall Be Queen

Jessica Frost has turned into an immortal villian, and her adventures are slowly goring dangerously intense.


Author's note

I accidentally deleted the last one so here's the sequel again.

2. Confusion

After they fixed the kingdom, they put guards around it to keep the Warriors of Hell under control. However, that wasn’t going to stop them from coming out and causing little disturbances, such as tipping over trash cans and causing barrel fires.

Jack didn’t stop them from having fun. He didn’t really understand villainy and how it worked. He didn’t want to know how they happened to do whatever and get away with it.

Elsa, on the other hand, wanted to stop them. She didn’t know how to because they were so fast. One second they were standing right next to you, the next they were halfway across the kingdom causing trouble.

Jack and Elsa still ruled Arendelle, and both were confused to find that the Warriors of Hell hadn’t tried to take over Arendelle. Jack thought they would have done it by now. But he didn’t let his guard down, knowing the second they did, he and Elsa were sure to be overthrown.

He knew that Jessica was full villain. Considering the fact she’d joined up with Pitch, left him, and then refused to come back for his sake, he’d call that good. Sure, it was bad in the beginning. He didn’t really know what she was thinking when she joined up with Pitch. But everything was okay, for now.

He called up the Guardians to ask them for help, still trying to find out ways to take Jessica out of villainy. She was the crown princess. She had to learn everything to know about ruling a kingdom before she actually started ruling. He didn’t want her to make the mistake of not knowing how to rule a kingdom before actually ruling it.

When the Guardians came, he was very happy to see them.

“Hey guys,” Jack said. “This way, to the conference room.”

He led them to the conference room, and once everyone came through, he closed the door and said, “Please, sit down,” gesturing to the chairs.

Once everyone had sat down, Jack sat down himself and said, “I need your help with Jess.”

The Guardians looked at him, and North said, “What do you mean?”

“Jessica’s part villain. She’s the leader of the Warriors of Hell.”

“You mean that group you’ve been having trouble with?” Bunny said.

“Yeah, she’s their leader.”

Bunny was shocked, as was everyone else. Jack saw their shocked faces.

“I know, I know. It’s shocking. That’s why I’m asking your help. I’m thinking once we defeat her group, she’ll come back and I’ll get to teach her what I never taught her.”

“What was it you never taught her?”

“How to be a good leader. How to rule.”

Everyone was silent. Then North spoke.

“I’m surprised that she has not overthrown you yet. How long has it been since she joined up with that group?”

“A couple months.”

“Usually, it takes a few weeks, and then they strike.”

“She must have commanded them back. She’s most likely waiting for me to bring my guard down, which I won’t do.”

“If she hasn’t brought you down yet, maybe she’s not looking for power over the kingdom.” Tooth said.

“Maybe not, but I don’t want her being with them.”

“She’s made her choice, Jack. You can’t change that choice,” Tooth said gently. “We won’t be able to stop her or her choices.”

“Then what can I do?”

“Let her be, Jack. If she tries to overthrow you, let us know, and we’ll take care of her,” Bunny said.

Jack said, “If that’s what I have to do, then I’ll do it.”

“Ok, Jack,” Tooth said. “Remember, we’re here for you.”

The next day, Jack was wandering around the kingdom without a guard, and Murdera came running up to him.

“King Jackson!”

“Murdera? What are you doing out of Villain Alley?”

“Jack, Jess is dead!”

Jack at first didn’t process it, and then nearly blacked out with the news. He looked at Murdera and said, “What?” His voice was so weak Murdera could barely hear him.

“Jess’s gone. She just died, Jack.”


“Poison. After that ball last night, someone poisoned her while she was coming back. We tried to save her, we really did. But...we couldn’t.”  

“Who poisoned her?”

“We don’t know.”

“No...she can’t be dead! She can’t be dead!”

“I’m sorry, Jack,” Murdera said mournfully

“I’ll go tell Elsa. Then we’ll tell the kingdom.” Jack said.

“You really cared about her, didn’t you?”

Jack simply turned and stared at Murdera.

“Yeah,” Jack said. “I did. More than you know.”

He then left to tell Elsa.

An hour later, there was a funeral for her. Hans, who had escaped, was put back into the dungeon, with more security than before.

However, that night, in the dark, someone came to her grave. She wore a black cloak, and her hair was midnight black.Her name was Lilith Killoran. She was a dangerous sorceress. No one wanted to mess with her. She was around Arendelle, but rarely stepped foot inside. Her relationship with Jessica wasn’t strong, but it wasn’t bad. They got along alright whenever they saw each other, which was rare. She cared about Jessica enough, however, that she would die for Jessica. Nevertheless, it was unknown whether she would do the same for the other royals.

She had the Angels’ Orb in her hand. The Angels’ Orb was a very powerful artifact that could be used for good or bad. In this case, it was being used for bad. Because the earth on Jessica’s grave began to heave. She was rising, but at the same time was turning into someone else. Someone very, very bad.


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