I Shall Be Queen

Jessica Frost has turned into an immortal villian, and her adventures are slowly goring dangerously intense.


Author's note

I accidentally deleted the last one so here's the sequel again.

12. Birthday Party

The mirror showed Jack working in his office.  Then Elsa came in.

“Jack, I need you to help me with Ethan. He’s gotten out of control again. The maid can’t keep him much longer!”

“I’ll try,” Jack said wearily. He got up and followed Elsa to Ethan’s bedroom, where Ethan was running around, taking his toys apart, ripping the wallpaper.

“Ethan! Ethan, come here!” Jack said to Ethan, trying to get his attention. However, Ethan, like any 3-year-old, didn’t listen. Jack was able to grab him after 6 seconds of chasing him around, lifted him up and carried him to the playroom, where he put Ethan down on the floor.

Jack was able to find a bunch of blocks in the toy bin. He looked at them and turned them around in his hands. He smiled, and looked at Elsa.

“I remember when I would watch Jess play with these. She always liked to build something: a tower, a building, something. Then she’d knock it down.”

He turned around and stared at the empty room. “I can just see her now, smiling at me as she’s building.”

Elsa smiled. “Maybe, when she comes back, you can see her building again. I sent a letter to Anna saying she could come a couple weeks ago, but she most likely won’t get it until it’s too late.”

Jack smiled. His smile slowly faded. He looked crestfallen.

“What’s wrong?” Elsa asked.

“I miss her,” Jack said. “I wish she never had to leave, I wish she never died, I wish she’d never become the queen of the underworld. Then I’d see her again, and I wouldn’t have to miss her because she’d be here.”

Elsa was silent.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to be unhappy,” Jack continued. “I just want to see and hear her again. If there’s one thing I wanted to tell her before she left, it was that she was one of the only people I would do anything for. The only other people are you, Ethan, and Anna.”

Elsa took Jack hand into hers.  “Jack, I’m sure that whatever Jess is doing, she’s thinking of you.”

Jack was quiet. “I doubt she’s thinking of me. She’s a queen. She’s too busy ruling to think about me. Or you, or Ethan, for that matter.”

“She thought the same about you. That you were too busy ruling upon your throne to be with her.”

“I was too busy, but it wasn’t on the throne. It was in the office.”

“Jack, I’m sure she thinks of you. What about that mirror she gave you? You could look through that and see her.”

Jack stared at Elsa for a moment, then swept from the room.

“Jack?” Elsa called after him. “What are you doing?”

“Getting the mirror,” he called back.

He came back with the mirror in his hand and said, “Show me Jessica.”

In his mirror, it showed Jessica walking around the Underworld. Her mirror was back in the drawer, there was a note on Daniel’s bedside table that Jessica had written, telling him where she’d gone.

She went through a hall of statues. Each time she passed one, it set on fire. She then said as she walked, “Demons, rise and stand with me.”

3 horrifying, bloody demons crawled out of the ground. They followed Jessica to the portal to the world above. Jessica stopped in front of the portal, and so did the demons.

“Stay here and guard the portal,” she ordered. “Let no one come through, save for me.”

“Of course, Queen Jessica.”

She ran through the portal.

She went up to the world above, appearing near the palace of Arendelle. Jack saw through the mirror that she wasn’t going near the palace, or so it seemed.

She ran to the wall of the palace, and Jack thought, She’s going to knock herself out if she runs into that wall. But she didn’t. She instead leapt onto the wall and climbed up, as fast as the speed of light. She reached Ethan’s bedroom window and went inside.

“She’s in the palace,” Elsa said. “Why’d she go through Ethan’s window?”

“Who knows. I’m going to his room,” Jack said, giving Elsa the mirror and running to see his daughter. However, by the time he reached Ethan’s room, Jessica was gone. On Ethan’s bed was a wrapped present that read on the tag, For Ethan, from your older sister Jessica. Jack dashed out of the room and brought Ethan and Elsa to Ethan’s room. He then said to Ethan, “Open it, Ethan. It’s for you.”

Ethan opened it as Jack and Elsa watched intensely. When Ethan finally opened it, it turned out to be a stuffed bunny.

Then the closet doors slowly opened. Jessica walked out of the closet. She’d been hiding there, waiting to come out.

“I remember you! You led me to Mommy and Daddy! You’re my sister!”

“Yes. What do you think of it, Ethan?” she asked quietly. “Do you like it?”

Ethan said, “I like it a lot! Are you staying for the party?”

“Maybe.” She smiled.

No one said anything for awhile. Then Jack said, “Jess, do you mind playing with Ethan?”

“Sure, I’ll play with him.”

Ethan grabbed Jessica’s hand, saying, “Come on, Jess! Let’s play with the blocks!”

He then ran toward the playroom, leading Jessica, who was struggling to keep up with Ethan’s height and speed. Jack watched until they turned the corner in the hallway.

“I’m going to watch her.” Jack said. “It’s been awhile since she’s been here.”

“Jack, we have to-” Elsa began. Jack cut her off.

“The manservants and maids can do it, that’s what they’re here for.”

He then left the room, and Elsa sighed, leaving as well.

There were many servants running around and getting everything ready for the party. An attendant said, “Everything’s almost ready, Queen Elsa.”

“Good,” Elsa replied. She went to the playroom, where Jack sat in the rocking chair, watching his children play.

Jessica was stacking blocks on top of one another. When she placed the last block on the stack, she told Ethan, “Alright, Ethan, knock it down!”

He swiped his foot through the base and the tower came down with a loud crash.  

A couple of servants peeked inside to see what had happened. When they saw that the queen of the underworld was inside, they quickly crept out of sight.

Then Jessica said, “How many people are coming?”

“Only the other royals around the kingdom that are nearest.”

“That’s how many people, exactly?”
    “About 100.”

Jessica looked shocked. Then she regained her composure.

Jack saw her face and said, “I know. You don’t like crowds. But it’s Ethan. He’s a prince. Of course everyone’s coming.”


Then she and Ethan kept on playing with the blocks.

Around noon, a guard dove in. “Your Majesty-oh, sorry, Majesties-the guests are arriving rapidly.”

“Jess, Ethan, come on. You have to see everyone.” Jack said as he got up.

Jessica glared at him. “They’re going to scream when they see me. I’m like fear itself.They all know that I’m...her.”

Jack caught her glare and said, “Whatever you do, Jess, do not inflict fear in anyone. Pitch already does that. I realize you’re the queen of the underworld, but you’re also the crown princess of Arendelle, and the crown princess of Arendelle never hurts anyone.”

Jessica replied, “Yes, Daddy.”

Jack smiled. He and Elsa led Ethan to the doors. Jessica followed. The guards opened the gates and a crowd stood there. The royal family quickly stood the side. The party was about to begin.

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