Jessica Frost has turned from immortal villain to immortal monster. It's up to her father and mother and everyone she has a connection with to team up to kill her.


1. The Secrets Are Out

Everyone knows that monsters are the reason of death and destruction. However, most of them end up dying anyway.

The queen of Arendelle, Queen Elsa, was trapped in a cave with her daughter, Princess Jessica Frost of Arendelle, or Queen Jessica of the Underworld, who happened to be a monster, with her formerly beautiful face disfigured. Where the right eye should have been, there was blood leaking out. Where the right side of her mouth should have been, there was only bone. Her dress was torn, and she seemed to be angry, but sad at the same time.

Jessica stood in front of her frightened mother. Elsa slowly backed away.

“Mommy,” Jessica groaned. “Help me.”

Elsa slowly backed away and pressed herself to a wall. She knew she was about to die.

Then Jessica lunged at her mother and they fought, nails and teeth tearing into Elsa’s skin, slowly but surely ripping her apart. Jessica herself was also getting cut and bruised, but she was a good fighter. And yet, Elsa found the strength to fight back.

Finally, Jessica got the best of her and threw her. Elsa landed so close to the fire, she nearly burned. She got up quickly and after knocking Jessica back, earning herself some time, she opened the cave, and after running out, sealed Jessica in.

She could hear Jessica screaming from the other side of the boulder. She ran away as quickly as she could.

Elsa ran until there was no more energy left in her body. She stopped and saw someone standing in front of her.

King Daniel of the Underworld. Jessica’s husband, and the one that put Jessica below the cliffs in the first place, claiming that whenever he saw her, he felt pain, despite the fact he loved her.

“Daniel!” Elsa whispered. “I...I…”

“Don’t explain, Queen Elsa. I know. You came down here to see your daughter.”

“My daughter is a monster! Half of her face is disfigured, she’s gone insane-for real this time-”

“Your Majesty, Jessica was always insane. It never showed up until your husband locked Jessica in her room for longer than any child should be locked in a room.”

“My husband has the tendency of making bad choices.”

“Yes, he does. He made the bad decisions, his daughter has turned into a monster, thanks to him. She remembers everything, and will never forget it. I don’t think you’ve been paying much attention to her these last few years now, have you? How she’s been acting? You may pretend it’s normal, but you know it isn’t, yet you’re afraid to confront your husband.”

“Jack is known to have a temper.”

“Yes, he is.”

“King Daniel, there has to be a way to change her back.”

“There isn’t. Not for us. She will change when she is ready.”

“Why did you hurt her?”
    Daniel sighed. “There is no way that I could explain that you would understand.”

“Try me.”

So Daniel told her, “I fell in love with your daughter the second she was born. I saw her at her birth and when I took one look at her, I loved her. When she was crying at night, before you woke up, I would take care of her. When she had no one watching her, I would play with her. I realized you and your husband were so busy, you barely had time to watch her. I noticed your husband seemed to have even more of a connection to her than you did. He loved her with all his heart, and as she grew up, he tried his best to be with her. But then, when she was 10, everything changed. He grew more strict, and she felt those restrictions. I noticed being king made feel him more confident about the power he had over people. It made him someone he wasn’t. So one day, while everyone else was asleep and he was in his office, I appeared to him, and I told him everything I thought of him, how I thought he could easily be a good father if he just tried hard enough. He looks at me and tells me, ‘I’m trying as hard as I can to raise my daughter. I realize it doesn’t look like I’m raising her correctly.’ I told him that he wasn’t raising her correctly, that he was growing rather harsh, and that I’d been with his daughter since she was born, and that he wasn’t going to stop me from marrying her when she turned of age. He said to me angrily, ‘Then you might as well forget about her, because she will never love you.’ I replied, ‘It’s because of me that you had restful nights and paid attention to your work when she was a baby. You might as well thank me, because if I hadn’t been there, you would have been racing to get everything done, because she would have been taking up much of your time.’ He stared at me, then growled at me to get out, because otherwise he’d get the guards. So I left, but before I did, I gave him a warning, ‘If she is not married to someone else by the time she is 17 and immortal, I will marry her, and you won’t like it. But there will be nothing you can do about it, because if she does marry me, she will love me and no one else. She will know everything I know, all your secrets and everything you’ve been hiding.’ I left. It’s why he recognized me at the wedding, because we had seen each other before.”

Elsa was silent, and then said, “You really love her.”

“Yes. But she reminds me of the pain her father inflicted upon her when he was angry or in a bad mood. That’s why I couldn’t...couldn’t stand to see her. But now I realize how wrong I was. I want to make up for it, but I don’t know how.”

He then walked past her and went to her cave, rolling the boulder away.

Jessica was sitting next to the fire. She looked behind her when she heard the boulder rolling, and when she saw Daniel, she got up and slowly walked towards him. He then took her hand and said, “Jessica, please. Do not do this.”


She stared at him, but did nothing.

Finally, her mother replied, “Jessica, please. You’ve turned into a monster. Your father hasn’t seen you this way as far as I know, but if he had, I don’t think he would be able to stand it.”

“It is not my fault half my face is disfigured.”

“Yes, it is. I hate to say it, but it is. You have turned into a monster-a monster that cannot be turned back.”

“I cannot help this.”

“Jessica, your anger has overtaken you,” Daniel said.

“You put me here!” Jessica cried. “I loved you, and then you pushed me, right down to the bottom!”

“Jess, he couldn’t help it,” Elsa said, and she explained everything to her daughter.

Jessica was silent and said nothing. Then she stared at Daniel and hissed, “Why throw me down here when you had the chance to do it to my father?”

“Because that would have been stupid.”

“You could’ve asked him to follow you to the cliff, and then pushed him off.”

“Jess, do you want your father to die?” Elsa asked.

“Yes,” Jessica replied harshly. “He deserves nothing but punishment for what he’s done to me.”

Elsa gasped and admonished, “Jessica!”
    “Don’t defend him, Mother. You know what he’s done to you. I saw him hurting you, beating you like you were nothing most nights when he was angry. And don’t think I didn’t see your scars the next morning. You did your best to cover them up, but you weren’t very good at it.”

Elsa bowed her head and avoided looking at Jessica.

“Why do you deal with him? You’re the rightful ruler of that kingdom, why don’t you divorce him?”

“Because I love him, Jess. It’s hard to explain.”

“He hurt you! How can you possibly love him after he hurt you? I can barely summon up the courage to ask him a simple question!”

“Because you’re afraid, Jess. I don’t blame you for that.”

“Mother, he’s hurt both of us. Surely YOU can understand that he isn’t right.”
    “Jessica, I’d rather not talk about this.”

“If you won’t do something about it, then I will.”

Jessica began to leave, but her mother stopped her.

“Jess, your father’s sick. He doesn’t feel good. Let him be.”

Jessica ran off, ignoring her. Elsa followed her and realized, She’s found the staircase! She ran as fast as she could.  She tried to catch up, but she wasn’t fast enough. Jessica got away.

Daniel and Tessa came up behind her. Then Elsa broke down, crying.

“Daniel, you wanted to make up for hurting her. This is your chance. Get Jess back NOW. Don’t let her hurt Jack.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Daniel ran off while Tessa stayed next to Elsa.

Daniel found Jessica climbing into her parents’ bedroom using the window. He followed her and found her standing over Jack’s sleeping body, her dagger in her hand. The same dagger that could turn into a sword, the one that Jack had given to her when she was 10 years old. She was serious.

“Jessica,” Daniel whispered. “Put that dagger down. Don’t hurt your father.”

Jessica ignored him and raised it above her head. Daniel quickly grabbed Jessica’s wrist, refusing to let her bring down the knife. He then took the knife out of her hand, laying it out of her reach. He then saw the name on the dagger: Jessica. Then Jack stirred and shifted, and Daniel tensed up, his stomach knotting. However, Jack began snoring gently, and Daniel relaxed, until Jessica got out of his grasp. She grabbed the knife again, but Daniel took Jessica into her arms and stroked the right side of her neck, which was the most sensitive area on her body besides her privates. She relaxed immediately in Daniel’s arms and he whispered to her, “That’s it. Just calm down. You don’t need to hurt him.”

Jessica leaned against Daniel and he slowly took the weapon out of her hand. Then he whispered, “Let’s get out of here. I don’t want to be here when your father wakes up.”

He then climbed out the window with her in his arms, and climbed down the wall. However, they didn’t realize that they’d forgotten Jessica’s dagger.

When Jack woke up, he found Jessica’s dagger next to him and took it into his hand. He remembered Jessica had her dagger with her wherever she went. He then understood that Jessica had come into his room with the dagger. She must have been wanted to kill him but never did, unless she left it there for him to remember her by, which was strange, because all he needed was her room’s existence for him to remember her.

He made sure that the dagger was safe in his hand. He heard running footsteps and Ethan burst into the room. It had been hours since Elsa had left.

“Daddy, I can’t find Mommy!”

“It’s all right, Ethan. Mommy’s looking for Jess in the-” He stopped. If Jessica had come back, that meant that Elsa was still in the Underworld, and she could be trapped down there! Jack ran out of the room.

He found a maid and told her, “Take care of Ethan while I’m gone. I’m finding Elsa!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” the maid called back as Jack ran off.

Jack raced into the portal to the Underworld, which had been put in the garden at Jack’s request, and called out Elsa’s name. He found her chained on a wall.

“Elsa!” Jack cried, running towards her.

“Stop!” a voice said behind Jack. Jack froze, and looked behind him.

Jessica stood there, a knife in her hand, half of her face still melted and disfigured. Daniel stood next to her, holding her back.

Jack whispered, “Jess? What happened to you?”

“You did.”

“No, Jess. I never did this to you.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Jack, you did.” Elsa’s voice made him turn.

“You hurt her so badly over the years. Her anger grew so large-and Daniel’s pushing her off a cliff catalyzed it-that she tore herself apart. Your beating her and hurting her over the years grew to that.” Elsa jutted her chin at Jessica. “Jack, you hurt Jess. You PROMISED you wouldn’t! You promised me when she was born you wouldn’t hurt her! You broke that promise, and even worse, you broke your promise to me that you would never hurt me! What did either one of us do to hurt you?!”

Jack was silent, and finally said, “Nothing. I took my anger out on both of you when I shouldn’t have. I know it was wrong, and trust me, if I could take it back, I would.”

Then Jessica went up to Jack and from behind told him, “I doubt that.”

“Why do you doubt that?”

“You have a tendency of saying things you mean at the time, but later on, you don’t mean a word. I don’t think you understand just what I’m capable of. I’ve only shown you half. I have the ability of tearing both kingdoms to the ground. I decided not to, for your sake, because I loved you, and Mother, and Ethan, and Daniel. But one more strike-one more wrong move-and your kingdom will be shattered.”

“Is that a threat?”

“It’s a threat I’m willing to go through with. I’m warning you-and one warning is all you get.”


“I don’t believe you when you say sorry, because I know you aren’t. You’re not sorry. You’ll never be sorry even if I became a fountain statue again. No, I rather think you’re GLAD when I’m gone. You only cut yourself when I was dead because you had to show grieving, when in fact, you weren’t grieving at all.”

“Jessica, please.”

“Pleading, I see. I’ll keep going. You never felt anything for your daughter or your wife. You only married because you had to, and I know you really wanted a son. You wanted a son to take over the throne. I wasn’t good enough. No one was! Oh, I know you wanted a son.” Jack look horrified. “I found out. I read the diary entry when I was born. You wanted a son! No daughter. You even said, ‘I’ll ignore her as much as possible. She’s not a son.’ Well, here’s a fact: the real Jessica’s gone! You may think I’m dead, Jackson…” Jessica began to turn into someone else, “but I’ve been alive all this time!”

Jessica changed into Alice, but Alice had the same disfigured features as Jessica.


“Yes. It’s me. I’m your real daughter, Jackson.”

“She’s speaking half the truth,” a voice said behind Alice.

It was the real and true Jessica.

“Jessica!” Jack said in surprise.

“Hello, Daddy.” she replied.

“What’s going on?” Daniel demanded.

“When I was stuck down below the cliff, I found Alice. When she’d died, she’d been cursed to stay in hell. Her spirit left her body in hell and came into me when I was born. After Carrie died, a demon came, cursing both Alice and I, that whenever I was angry, Alice would become demonized, and I would suffer those effects by being demonized as well. She changed into me, and I was trapped under the cliff. Everything I have supposedly said was not me. However, Alice was speaking the truth, and she went to kill you, Daddy, under my orders. It seems she failed. But she was speaking the truth. I did, in fact, read your diary, and I know you wanted a son. I also know that I had a twin. The Alice you knew when you were a boy was reincarnated into a twin. When I was in my room, either locked in or on my own accord, I was in there for weeks talking to her. You sent her to another land when she was born, and when I was 10 and found out about her, I started writing her letters. She came 2 months later, just in time to see Carrie burned. She was more angry than I was, and she did her best to help me. We were both angry at you. I attempted to murder you night after night, but I always failed. I just couldn’t. Alice even attempted. We both failed. We hated the way you treated me. We hated everything you did. We even hated the fact that you were breathing. But at the same time, we loved you, because you were our father and tried your best to help me. You remember Murdera from the Warriors of Hell?”

Jack nodded.

“That was Alice. I gave her another name other than Alice, and she changed her appearance, since we both thought you’d seen her walking around town.”

“Actually, I never saw her around town.” Jack replied.

“Well, either way, you know our story.”

Then Jessica grabbed her dagger out of Jack's hand and ran off.

She was going to kill Ethan.


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