Jessica Frost has turned from immortal villain to immortal monster. It's up to her father and mother and everyone she has a connection with to team up to kill her.


2. Deals

Jack began walking around, trying to find her. He called out her name. Then a maid-the same maid he’d told to keep an eye on Ethan-came walking down the hallway holding the prince’s hand. He then asked her, “Have you seen Jess?”

The maid looked confused. “Your Majesty, she’s in the underworld.”

“No, she isn’t. She ran in here, telling me to follow her!”

Then Elsa ran up behind him. Despite the fact that she was weakened, she still had some strength.

“She went that way, Jack,” she said, pointing to the way she had just come from.

Jack followed Elsa to the library, where Jessica stood at the window, her back to them.

“I’ve always wondered if one of you were hiding something. Mostly because whenever you looked into my eyes, you seemed to...look away. As though there was something wrong. Something I reminded you of that you didn’t want to remember.” Jessica chuckled. “Either that, or I’m becoming paranoid.”

“Jess, why did you want me to follow you here?”

She turned her head to her right, and Jack could see half her face.

“Because I wanted to show you something. I didn’t expect Mother to come, but she can see as well.”

Jessica then went to a ladder and brought it to the wall, where she climbed up to the very top. Jack went to the bottom and said, “If you fall, Jess, I’m right here.”

Jessica didn’t answer, nor did she look at him. She picked out a book and then climbed down carefully. Jack held up his arms just in case she fell. Thankfully, she didn’t, and when she reached the ground she opened the book and began looking for the correct page. Jack recognized the cover as one of his many diaries in the library that no one but him was supposed to know about. When she found the page she was looking for, she scanned it and finally showed Jack the page, pointing to one sentence, “My daughter has a twin, one I never wanted.”

Elsa read the sentence and sighed.


“What do you mean unfortunately, Elsa?” Jack said to her.

“I mean, it’s unfortunate you didn’t want Alice.”

“You didn’t want her either!”

“No, I wanted Alice. But you kept pestering me to send her away. I felt like if I didn’t listen to you, you would hurt me. You intimidated me, Jack.”

Jack was silent, and then finally said, “Jessica, how did you find out about the diaries?”

“I spent most of my time in the library on rainy days. I found a book with no title, so I looked inside and found your diary. Every time I went up to find another book, there was always another diary next to it. You had at least four or five in that one spot, and a couple others in different spots. In total, I’ve found about 15 diaries throughout the library, and I put them all in one spot, somewhere no one else would find them. I’m sure there’s more around here somewhere. Don’t worry, that diary you have in your hand is the only one I read. It wasn’t very interesting except for that one page.”

“So you never read any of the other ones?”

“No. I figured I’d let you have your privacy, since I knew it was the closest to privacy you were ever going to get.”

Jessica paused, and then said, “If Alice came into me when I was born, how was she my twin?”

Jack sighed. “It’s a long story, so I’ll put it the best way I can, and this is what I’ve come up with. There are two different personalities of Alice. One of her personalities became a demon, and went into you when you were born. The other personality became your twin. I don’t know the difference between the two, but that’s the story.”

“How do you know this?”

“The witch told me everything when we-your mother and I-brought Ethan to her to take care of.”

“We could both tell she was telling the truth,” Elsa said.

Jessica turned and went to the window.

“Jess, don’t jump,” Jack warned her. “Remember what happened last time?”

“I’m not going to jump,” Jessica said. “Not now.” She took her dagger into her hand.

“Jess, what are planning on doing now?” Jack asked her. “You have a husband, you’re the queen of the underworld, you have the Warriors of Hell, you have your twin. What are you going to do now?”

“Simple,” Jessica said. “I’ll make sure that everyone understands what happened behind these palace walls. Everyone wants to know-what have the king and queen been doing behind these walls? How has their daughter turned to such a villain? The answers lies within memories, the memories of the royalty, the memories of the court, the memories of the walls.”

“Jessica, you’d be leaking personal information to the public! None of us need that. It would make things worse!”

“Make things worse, you say. How, exactly, would it make things worse?”

“Jess, haven’t you heard the rumors?” Elsa asked.

“What rumors?” Jessica asked.

“There’s rumors going around that I attempted murdering both you and your mother, that I “did it” with you-I’m going to guess you know what that means-and that I was a drunk who was always trying to hurt someone.”

Jessica shook her head. “None of those are true.”

“Exactly,” Jack said. “I’ve been trying to get rid of the rumors, but nothing’s worked.”

He glanced at Jessica and said, “Maybe you could help.”

“What makes you think I’d be able to help?”

“You’re the queen of the underworld. You’re feared. They’ll listen to you.” He bowed his head. “They won’t listen to me.”

“Sad, how a king’s own kingdom doesn’t listen to their king,” Jessica said. “Fine. I’ll help. But on one condition.”

“List it.”

“I get to bring up the Warriors of Hell.”

Jack sighed. “Fine.”

Jessica stuck out her hand, and Jack reluctantly took it.

They shook hands.

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