Jessica Frost has turned from immortal villain to immortal monster. It's up to her father and mother and everyone she has a connection with to team up to kill her.


3. Arendelle Shall Fall

Jessica went below, back to the Underworld to gather the Warriors of Hell. When she found them, she told them everything and they followed her above. When they reached the castle, Jack came out to greet them.

“Hello, Warriors of Hell,” Jack said.

“King Jackson,” Murdera said, curtsying. “We meet again.”

“Indeed,” Jack replied. “I suspect Jessica told you everything?”

“Yes, she did,” Murdera replied.

“I know who you are, ALICE, and I want you to know that if you hurt Jessica, she will hurt you three times over.”

“How do you know my real name?” Alice demanded.

“Jessica told me everything about you,” Jack responded.

Alice glared at him and then said, “So what do you have to say?”

“I have nothing to say.”

Alice shook her head. “No wonder everyone’s saying those rumors.”

“HEY!” Jack shouted, making everyone jump.

“ALL RIGHT!” Jessica yelled. Everyone looked at her. “Calm down. No one’s going to get anywhere by fighting. I told you why we’re here, we’re going to do what we came for.”

They nodded and the Warriors of Hell ran into the kingdom, causing trouble once again, like they had months ago.

They went into formation and a crowd of citizens watched as the Warriors of Hell created a pathway for Jessica to pass through. As she walked, she left a trail of fire in her wake.

The crowd itself dispersed, letting Jessica pass without effort.

Then Jessica stood at the head of the crowd and called out, “Listen up! I know about the rumors that have been spreading about my father! I know what you’ve done! I don’t think anyone here understands just how dangerous this is.”

As Jessica spoke, Jack and Elsa walked through the crowd. However, the crowd was angry at him, and refused to let him pass. Jessica saw this and immediately, with a wave of her hand, caused people to move, letting Jack pass through with his queen. Then Jack went up to Jessica and stood by her side, Elsa standing by him.

Jessica called out, “I’ll be fair, and I’ll give you a choice! Either these rumors stop, or every one of you will lose someone within the next 2 days.”

“Jessica always keeps her promises,” Elsa said to the crowd. “I would listen to her if I were you.”

Jack stayed silent.

Then someone said, “What makes you think we’ll listen to you?”

Jessica looked at the person that spoke, and she said, “Come here, please.”

The person came over and Jessica said, “That’s what makes me think you’ll listen to me. You followed my command just now.”

The figure scooted back into the crowd.

“You have two days! If these rumors don’t stop, then I will make them stop!”

Then Jessica vanished into smoke. Alice called out, “We are on Jessica’s orders to hurt anyone that tries to hurt the king!”

Everyone scooted away from the royal family and the Warriors of Hell.

Meanwhile, Jessica was with Daniel, holding his hand as they walked around the kingdom of hell.

However, there was one thing Jessica was forgetting. If Alice had come into her and had been her twin, what happened to her body in hell? It stayed there, acting on autopilot. The two different personalities in Alice’s body were free, and only one had to come back. However, there was a time limit. And it was almost over.

Alice’s body in hell was set to die the next day, unless one of the spirits came to her. If that happened, then all three of the Alices- ”Murdera”, the demon, and the one in hell-would join up and become one body once more, instead of two bodies and one spirit. If Alice’s body in hell died, then the spirit and the other body would be separated forever, and wouldn’t be able to go near each other.

Then Jessica and Daniel went below the cliffs, where Alice’s original body was. She was lying on the ground, unconscious.

Jessica picked her up and brought her to her cave, where she then took Alice’s pulse while Daniel stood by her.

“She’s alive. Just barely.” Jessica said.

“She has many abilities, including having the ability to split herself. It is questionable as to how she is dying and the others are not.” Daniel said. “Go get Alice from the Warriors of Hell,” he instructed a servant. “We shall save her life.”  

When Alice came from above, she was confused. “Jess? What’s wrong?” That’s when she saw her body lying on the ground.

“Alice, please. Go back into her. It will save her life. We can still be together as twins.”

Alice said, “Then I will be trapped in there, in the darkness! It’ll take me away! It’ll hurt me!”

“We have no choice, Alice!”

“I can’t!”

“Alice, listen to me,” Jessica began. Then she screamed in pain.


The demon was clawing its way out of her. When it finally showed itself, it looked like an infernal version of Alice, with sharp teeth, blood red eyes, and a sick smile.

Jessica was gasping, looking down where the demon had exited. Usually, the demon would show itself, but it would never crawl out of her.

The wound was healing slowly, slowly stitching her together. However, the healing was the demon’s work.

Then Jessica whispered, “Alice.”

“Yes,” the demon hissed. “It’s me.”

“What do you want from me?” Jessica said.

“Nothing,” the demon said. She turned towards the Alice that was standing and said, “My sister person, please. We must help our other being.”

“Our other being shall die. I cannot go back into the darkness!”

“Fool,” the demon said. “Do you not understand? We are connected by who we are, our personalities, our blood. The Alice Jack knew is now three. With all three of us inside one body-”

“It would be chaos,” Alice said. “We would be arguing nonstop.”

“Perhaps it would be chaos, but it would be three against one. Three Alices against one Jack. How can we lose?”

“How can you win? You forget, my father is not the same he once was. He is no longer just a prince that you played with when you were lonely. He is a powerful king, and he has an entire army. Three of you against an army wouldn’t work. I am not about to go against my father, at least not in person. Perhaps there is another way to do this.”

“Such as?”

“I can attempt to restore Alice of Hell, and if I can, then all three of you can be together without having to be in one body.”

Alice and the demon nodded. “It could work.”

Jessica put her hands on Alice of Hell’s forehead and healed her. Sure enough, Alice of Hell opened her eyes. She was alive.

“Now, different names. I don’t want all of you to be confused as to who’s who when I say ‘Alice’, so Alice, leader of Warriors of hell, you are Murdera again. Demon, you are Hannah, in memory of a beloved sorceress . As for you, the one I just restored, you are Allison, after a sorceress that took the place of Hannah.”

All three nodded.

“So what happens now?” Hannah asked.

Jessica smiled evilly. “We declare war. I made my father think I was on his side, and it worked. Hopefully, those rumors grow, because even though they didn’t happen, it stills ruins his reputation, which he cares about a lot.”

“I thought you were on your father’s side.”

“See, I tricked you as well. You are not easily to fool.”

Murdera nodded, and replied, “You are the true queen of the Underworld. You should have been queen years ago.”

Meanwhile, up in Arendelle, everyone had gone back home, and Jack and Elsa were back in the palace, talking about anything they could that they hadn’t talked about yet.

Then Jack felt that something was wrong. He slowly looked behind him and saw Jessica standing there.

“How has everything gone so far?” she asked him.

“Fine. Everyone went home, and I think the rumors have gone down for now. But I have a feeling that they will spring up again.”

“They might, but no one can tell the future.”

“Which is rather unfortunate.”

She then walked up to him and went in front of him.

“You know they will simply hurt you more.”

“I know.”

“Be careful.” She smiled, and vanished into smoke, surprising Jack and making him jump back.



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