this life

two young teenagers who madly fell in love bot go their own separates and then both realize they need each other


1. The 1st Day of school

   It was the first day of school and I was gonna try to better this year. Last year was the worst, I was always going to parties and then get drunk and I would smoke cigarettes all the time. I was lost in my thought and I didn't realize that my friends were standing there staring at me like I was crazy. They knew that I was rich and had a life. I was the most popular kid in school. Eventually that changed when I came home and my mom was crying. She told me that he was abusing her and took almost everything from us. I told her that she should leave him but she wouldn't listen to me. I would lock myself in my bedroom every time I came home from school. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around there was my friend and her boyfriend with some guy who was probably new here. He was hot as fuck and cute. 



    " Are you gonna be at the game tonight ?" She asked. 

    " Yeah I will". I say a little dazed 

    " Oh by the way this is Jake" said Kendall's boyfriend. 



  " Hi Jake." I say blushing 

  " Hi Beautiful. " He says with a crooked smile.

  I don't understand why everyone says I am beautiful. I have brown hair and I have braces. I am a 16 year old girl and I wear the best clothes ever. I have changed completely over the years. 



   " Thank you ." I said  

  " Your welcome." Jake said. " We should totally go on a date."

  " Yeah sure." I said 

  " Meet me outside after school." He said 

  " Alright." I said 

  " Can I have ur phone number ? " He asked pulling out his Iphone 

  " Sure." I said pulling out my Iphone too and handing to him. 

  " There you go." He said giving me back my phone 

  " Thank you. " I said as the bell rang. 

I walked to my classroom and stepped inside. I sit down in my desk and pulled out my computer. My Iphone buzzed. 

  J: Hey it's me Jake 

  Me: Hey what's up 

 J: When I first saw u I thought u were cute

 Me: Thank u same with me

  J: Yeah I kinda figured 

  Me: Lol so where are you taking me tonight   

   J: it's a surprise 

 I was wondering for the rest of the day, where he was taking me and what I should wear and shit like that. I got home and went up to my room and found a perfect blue and gray dress and my high heels. I freshened up my make up and grabbed my purse and put my Iphone in my purse. I walked out of the house and he was standing there looking amazing. 

  " How did you find out where I live ? " I asked 

  " Your friend told me." He responded 

  " Oh." I said amused. 
  " Man you look beautiful, I'll be falling for by the end if this night." Said Jake.

 I got in the car and we drove to a really expensive restaurant. Jake opened the door to the restaurant and everyone turned around and stared  





















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