Zayn falls in love with a girl named Julia but he knows she goes out with Liam (his half brother).


4. Act 1, Scene 4

I’ve grown tired of my life.My anxiety just gets worse everyday. Harry finally came to visit me in the hospital.

Harry:Hey Z, how ya holding up?”


Zayn: I’m okay for now...just a lot on my mind


Harry Sat next to Zayn.


Harry:So have you heard about Julia and-


Zayn: HAROLD!...please I’ve heard enough about her at the moment. He looked confused almost as if he knew but didn't exactly know how to put it all together. Then his face lit up like a light bulb had just went off in his head. 

Harry:You know exactly what happened with Heather and Julia don't you?  I lay there in shock wondering how he figured out so fast. 

Zayn:'s caused me horrible trauma because that's my cousin ya see...and I've fallen in love with her.

Harry looking surprised: YOU LOVE JULIA!?

Zayn: Yes Harold...I love Julia.

Harry: Man...that's tough like really fuckin tough.

Zayn: Well no shit Sherlock, I've realized that after ya know she DATED MY BROTHER. 

Harry sat thinking about what he could do to help Zayn.

Harry: Look man, my advice to you is to just give up she loves Liam.

Zayn: she doesn't...she-she told me herself she's in love with me (Zayn begins to feel heartbroken).

Harry: Whatever you say man...(sighs) you'll see I was right. (Harry exits).

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