Zayn falls in love with a girl named Julia but he knows she goes out with Liam (his half brother).


3. Act 1, Scene 3

Two weeks had passed and we were back in school. 

Liam: Hey babe, where have you been? (She looked at Zayn then back at Liam.)

Julia: I was taking care of my grandpa, he's in the hospital my love. (he nodded and they hugged. Julia and I walked to class.)

Zayn: I've never felt more in love.  Julia takes Zayn's  hand and looked him in the eyes. 

Julia: I feel the same way Zayn, I'm deeply in love with you. (They were about to kiss but someone opened the classroom door.)

(Julia sat with Heather again but couldn't keep her eyes off of Zayn)

Heather: JULIA! (Julia quickly came back to reality.)

Julia: Sorry Heather...I just have a lot on my mind.

Heather: Whatever Julia just keep your eyes off my cousin.

After school they went to Zayn's to study for the exam they have coming up soon.

Zayn: Mom, Dad, Julia and I are gonna go study.  

They went to Zayn's room and started on some homework. She kept looking at him as if she couldn't focus. She touched his hand and his heart was pounding so fast she could hear it. 

Julia:You okay bro? (Zayn stopped everything he was doing and his smile left)

Zayn: Did-did you just ca-  (She stopped and motioned her eyes to the door noting that his Dad was at the door peaking in.) 

he walked her home an hour later.

Julia: Tomorrow let's go to my house.  (He nodded and Julia stopped him.) Zayn...ugh fuck it. (She grabbed him and kissed him.)  

Julia: Let's go to my room now okay? (Julia pulls Zayn upstairs.)

He sits on the bed and waits.  

Julia: Come here. (She pulls him closer to her)

Zayn pushing her back: We can't do this Julia it's not right. 

Julia: what's wrong? ( looking very concerned) 

Zayn: You're dating my brother...I can't. (Zayn grabs his things and leaves).

When Zayn gets home he tries to relax but can't. His phone rings

Zayn: What Julia?

Julia: Can we just talk please?

Zayn: Yes

Julia sounding unsure: What if I tell you I don't love Liam.

Zayn: Then who?

Julia: It's you

Zayn: I have to go

Zayn hung up the phone and flopped on his bed. Not knowing how to feel he lays there for a minute then gets up. He looks around the room and puts his head into his lap. 

Zayn: What is my life?


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