Zayn falls in love with a girl named Julia but he knows she goes out with Liam (his half brother).


1. Act 1, scene 1

It's been almost two years since Skylar died,it's left Zayn speechless and....depressed. He feels misunderstood. His whole family died in a plan crash and he had to be put in foster care for awhile until these random people adopted him. How can he go on knowing his entire family is gone?  he has no clue but hopefully he can get through this without losing it. Zayn never really talked to Rob and Rebecca he  just went straight to his room. 


Rebecca: Zayn,Honey please come down and talk to us."

Zayn: I'd rather not Rebecca.  (Zayn slams the door and stayed in his room). 

Robert bangs on the door.

Robert: Zayn, we need to talk (Robert comes through the door and sits on the bed).

Robet:Listen buddy, I know how you feel..I lost my sister at the age of 16...I know it hurts but son, you have to move on you can't just let these things bother you forever. 

Zayn crying: Robert....I miss my sister she was my life...I just...I'm going to bed. 

Robert exits.

Zayn cried himself to sleep that night.

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