Jonas and I

Freya and her Boyfriend, they go trut a lot of medical things, they haver there up turns and down turn.


1. suprise!

"No darling!" He looked deeply into his eyes with his sweet smile, kissed me on the cheek and said, "I'm going to work at work," I looked him in his blue green eyes and said "okay so, but come soon home again not? "he snapped briefly, nodded quietly and said" I suppose "He gave me a quick kiss, grabbed his bag and he was out of the door. I went to the window to see him go into the car. I stood looking after him until he was unable to see. I went straight to the kitchen and started to cook some pasta, I was dogs hungry and glad that I had to work in a week. I sat in the couch with a bowl of pasta with ketchup. I quickly found a movie, took a blanket over me. When I finished the food I put the bowl on the table and fell asleep asleep. I was awoken by some lips kissing my forehead. I gently opened my eyes. I looked into the eyes of Jonas, just coming home from work. I smiled tired and said quietly, with a little hoarse voice "what time is it?" He sneaked and found his watch forward. He said quietly, "It's a bit in 4" I got upset and said "I've slept for 5 hours!" He started laughing, so did I. When I had the energy to get up, I went into the kitchen with my empty dirty dish and washed it up. I could feel some hands come on my hips and to my stomach, he started kissing my neck. I made everything from me, turned around and started kissing his mouth. We moved slowly into the bedroom, I took so unhappy I could put my shirt off. When I looked her in bed he was naked. I was so sexy I could get my clothes off. Moved me crazy towards the bed. I kissed him and he kissed me. He put his normal big penis into my pussy hole, he drove it in and out. It was some of the nicest. When we were done we laid on each side of the bed, I was sweating a lot. It was quite late so we decided to sleep.

I called my best friend Anela, we talked a little about why I threw up, she said I should probably take a digested test. I rushed to the grocery store and bought a test. When I came back, Jonas stood in the door


I slowly opened my eyes, looked a bit around, it had become bright. Jonas was still sleeping. I got up when I discovered that I was naked. I closed my eyes with a smile and thought yesterday evening. I took some shorts and one of Jonas's t-shirts and deceived me in the kitchen. I quickly found some oats phrase from the closet and some milk from the cooler. I sat into the living room, started eating my food when I suddenly got nausea. I quickly put the food on the table, ran out of the bathroom carefully and threw up. When I finally finished throwing up, I stood in front of the mirror and decided to take a bath. Unfortunately for me, I also threw up in the bath, clumsy I just think. I went down to the grocery store and bought a pregnancy test, thought I probably was not pregnant, so I did not want to throw up so early, but tried anyway. When I came back, Jonas stood in the kitchen and was in full swing making breakfast. I hurried to list by and on the toilet. I took the test forward as a bit like a thermometer. I looked at the package that said "a line not pregnant 2 lines pregnant" I took it down and washed it. I could not help peeing my hand clumsy! I picked it up, it was not clear enough, so I put it on the sink. I dried up, pulled my pants up and washed my fingers thoroughly. When I looked at the test there were 2 lines, I started crying a bit, most of the joy. Since I was little I would always like to have children

It was 4 months since we found out that I was pregnant. Jonas was a bit in shock the first week. When I was 4 months in, we should find out the sex tonight. I was really excited. I wanted my very best friend with Anela, and Jonas of course now where he was the father. Me and Jonas had agreed that Anela should be the godmother. When we all 3 came there we had to wait in a room filled with pregnant thick women. We waited for about 15 minutes when a doctor came out, it was a brown hair young woman. She stretched out her hand and said, "Hello, I'm Marie and I'm going to help you today." She gave us signs that we should come in. We entered a room with a dentist's chair and a machine, I had to put myself on the chair and pull up the shirt. She began to put some cold cream on my stomach. She drove a little machine around my stomach that looked like a remote control. She tended a screen to see the shape of the baby. She asked me with a happy voice "What should the child be called if it becomes a girl?" I looked up at Jonas, we had agreed on a boys name, but not a girl. I said with a happy voice "Marie" she looked me shorcked but happy at the same time on me and said "how funny" I smiled eagerly at Jonas who said "yes, that's a very nice name" she asked a little after "what's the child called if it becomes a boy?" Jonas quickly said "Rasmus" she smiled happy and said "Do you want to know the sex or is it going to be a surprise?" I looked up at Jonas, Anela quickly said "I'm the one who needs to know the sex so I can make a gender party for them." Marie smiled, found a small note and wrote something on it, we could figure out that it was gender. She gave it with a smile to Anela. She dried the cream and said, "Well, we'll see you again for the birth." I smiled and said, "yes, see you." When we got home and Anela went home, Jonas put us on the couch. I was really tired so I fell into the sleep in the arms of Jonas. I woke up that the baby kicked. I was frightened, I came to wallon Jonas too. He took my arms around my shoulders and said, "Are you okay honey?" I nodded weakly. That day was the time they kicked most, Jonas was also allowed to feel it. Next day it was time for baby shower. It should be with Anela. It was 12.30 and all the guests were here, it was so nice with pink and blue decorations. She had made a blackboard where to vote if one thought it was a girl or boy. There were the most voices on the girl. Anela got up with a box on the small scene and asked me and Jonas to come up. I was very excited, it seemed that everyone else was also excited. We just had to open the box, but then Anela loudly said "wait!" everybody looked at her, she stood with another box and said "the first surprise is that there are twins!" I became mouth-watering and begun to cry for joy, we should open a box each. Jonas started opening his box, flying blue balloons. He became overjoyed and ran to me and carried me up. I started laughing wildly. Finally, it was my turn to open my box. I closed my eyes until I could hear Jonas cheer out wildly. There were 2 twin boys. one of the balloons stuck while the other wing that stood the "one-leg" became overjoyed.

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