The Age Of Midnight

With a life like Midnight's who would focus on love? yes she has a crush but she is wrapped up in her family life and past loves to hardly think of him. You would think the good girl falls in love with a bad boy or the other way around but nope not this case.
If her life doesn't sound tragic i don't know what does.
Will her love love her? Will her life get better?
Read the story to find out



People have been bullying me for as long as i can remember they say the most hurtful things. I told myself what they say doesn't matter but lately I've cared a lot more.

I sat on the wall head in knees crying.

Bully: Put Makeup on your ugly!
Bully #2: YOU SUCK At Drawing
Suddenly i felt a sudden shock it was ocean he was standing in front of me so the bullies wouldn't hurt me i slowly stopped crying.

Ocean: HEY! YOU TWO STOP MAKING FUN OF HER SHE DOESN'T Deserve this!"he pulled me in a loving hug.

Bully: What you gonna do about it

Bully #2: yeah what he said

Ocean: I will kick you if you hurt her again.*he let me go from the hug ready to hurt them

Bully: *punches Midnight eye and runs off*

Bully #2: *runs away*
Ocean: Lets get you to the nurse

Midnight: I-its fine i'm fine. *I've always thought that i'm stubborn because i don't care if i get hurt only if others do.*
Ocean: Come on Midnight, i know your not okay your getting tired, please night...

I finally passed out from lack of sleep and ocean carried me to the nurse

Ocean: Ms. Will she be alright i'm worried about her.

Nurse: High possibility she will live but if she does you need to make sure she sleeps as much as needed because lost of sleep is usually how people die.

Ocean: I will Ms.

Suddenly my eyes open ocean runs over and hugs me.
Ocean: I'm so glad your alright! Please when we get home you need to rest

Midnight: O-ocean what are you doing here and why am i in a hospital bed

Nurse: Drink this it will make your eye get better in 2-5  days

Midnight: Im fine

Suddenly i find Ocean putting it in my throat gentaly he really wants me to get better.

Ocean: Please night, ill help you walk but please go to bed

Finally i find myself in my bedroom but him kissing me on the forehead wishing me good sleep.

Ocean: Night princess *kisses my forehead*

As i doze off to sleep i smiled and did a smile he thought was cute.


A/N: I just love the fact he saved her and me making this chapter took 3 hours it was hard for me to have a idea that was romantic and sad



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