The Age Of Midnight

With a life like Midnight's who would focus on love? yes she has a crush but she is wrapped up in her family life and past loves to hardly think of him. You would think the good girl falls in love with a bad boy or the other way around but nope not this case.
If her life doesn't sound tragic i don't know what does.
Will her love love her? Will her life get better?
Read the story to find out


1. Introduction

Name: Midnight Angel
Favorite Color: Galaxy
Quote: "Fighting is only necessary when love is at stake"
Nicknames: Brat, Princess, Night

Age: 17

Grade: Senior in Highschool

Who gave her the nicknames: Brat by Dad, Princess by Ocean, Night by Ocean

Species: Werewolf and Angel

Hair: Galaxy
Eyes: Blue

 Clothes Style: Casual

Crush: Ocean Lapis

Length of Hair: Long Wavy

Friends: Ocean Lapis
Makeup Or Not: Nope

Secret: She hides the fact that she is being bullied and has depression problems
Possesion: Picture of her and her mom and sister 

Mom Story:


My mom was a alcoholic because of my dad she accidentally hit my sister soon my sister died in a car crash mom only drank because of her old loves being rude to her.


Dad Story:

My dad always and still does abuse me he hates that im a werewolf and am always perky well thats what he thinks he is dissapointed in me and tho he doesn't like my sister he likes her more then me if i were to die he wouldn't care


Im bullied by numerous people because they say im ugly and should kill myself i suffer from depression and have some anxiety attacks




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