Afraid To Hold On

I am a normal girl who happens to get kidnapped by a psycho. Coincidence right? I think not. And the whole normal teenage girl? I am going to have to rethink that too.

WARNING: this will contain language and actions that are not advised for younger viewers.

Evin is a girl who just wanted t be like every teenager and enjoy a simple party. Well that didn't go well for her now she's been kidnapped by a psycho werewolf and there's no escape. Well at least she thought until the werewolf Alpha knocks on the door with a very pissed off look in his face. She thought she would get a break but boy was she wrong.


1. Prologue

I’m running through the woods the leaves crunching beneath my feet. My heart is pounding heavily in my chest. My legs are hurting from running but I keep pushing myself forward forcing my legs to keep going, to keep moving. The sound of running foot and voices sounds like they are getting closer. My fear level rises quickening my already struggling breaths. I don’t know where I am going all I know is I have to get away.


I trip over a root and hear the snap of my ankle before I actually feel it. Slicing pain goes through me and it takes all the energy I have left not to cry out in pain. I try to get up but any pressure on my left foot causes me to fall back to the ground in extreme pain. The sound of footsteps and leaves crunching gets closer and tears form in my eyes.


Why can’t he just leave me alone? Why did he have to take me from my home? My family? If only I had listened to my mom when she told me not to go to that party. I shouldn’t have gone to it. I just had to think that my mom was being an over protector, that nothing bad would happen to me. Now I am bearing the consequences. I catch sight of a bush and pull myself into it to hide. I know it won’t stop him from finding me. He always finds me but I know I need to at least try.


I look down at my ankle. It’s purple and swollen. I wipe tears that are now falling down my cheeks and I stay as quiet as possibly can. My heart is practically hammering in my chest as the footsteps get louder and louder. “I told you, you can’t run. I’ll always find you. Why don’t you be a good girl and come out. I promise your punishment will be less severe if you come out now.” He says in a sweet tone. I hear his footsteps stop. Placing a hand over my mouth I stay perfectly still hoping he won’t find me.


There’s complete silence for a while almost making me think that he’s gone. Suddenly a hand shoots into the bush grabbing me by the arm. A startled cry escapes my lips as I’m pulled roughly out of the bush. His angry eyes pierce my frightened ones. He pulls me on to my feet and I cry out almost falling to the ground. He sighs looking at my ankle. He picks me up from the ground. I struggle trying to get out of his grip. He just tightens his grip more almost to where it’s painful.


He looks at me and shakes his head. “If you were a good girl you wouldn’t have hurt yourself. I told you. You’re mine and being mine I can do whatever I want to you. You also do whatever I tell you to do. We've been over this. Since you didn’t obey me you will be punished.” His voice hold no emotion causing an icy fear to prickle through me. He looks at me with his mesmerizing blue eyes that I can never seem to look away from.


My fear level rises with each silent step we take that gets us closer and closer to the place I call a prison.  He just smiles and breathes in deeply. “Home sweet home.” He says. The door opens and he walks in and straight to the place I dreaded almost as much as the bed. The basement. I’ve only been kidnapped for a week but he’s already had me in the bed and has tortured me many times. I struggle to get out of his grip as he goes toward the chains.


He looks at me with disappointment. “You brought this on yourself. I told you there would be consequences if you tried to run from me.” He goes for the chains. My fear spikes to maximum as he forces my wrists into the shakles. I already have scars on my back from when he last whipped me. I was unconscious for a few days when he was finished.  I hear his footsteps as he walks toward the torture devices. The only thing keeping me on my feet are the shackles. The pain of my left ankle is really bad.


I hear the whip crack missing me on purpose. I flinch as I hear it whiz in my ear. “Now since you were a bad girl and didn’t come when I called you you get twice as many as I was going to give you if you did. The last punishment I gave you ten to give you a taste. I was going to give you ten if you came out. Now you will get twenty.” I hear him say behind me. I hear the crack of the whip the feel it slice into my skin leaving a blazing pain. I whimper feeling blood drip down my back.


I hear the crack of the whip and bite my lip to keep from crying out. He keeps going until my good leg gives out and my vision is blurred. Dry tears are on my face. He puts the whip away and sighs. “I didn’t want to hurt you. You need to behave and you won’t get punished.” I feel him unshackle me but am too weak to even move. My vision starts to blacken from the loss of blood and pain. I feel him pick me up off the ground and that’s it.

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