Afraid To Hold On

I am a normal girl who happens to get kidnapped by a psycho. Coincidence right? I think not. And the whole normal teenage girl? I am going to have to rethink that too.

WARNING: this will contain language and actions that are not advised for younger viewers.

Evin is a girl who just wanted t be like every teenager and enjoy a simple party. Well that didn't go well for her now she's been kidnapped by a psycho werewolf and there's no escape. Well at least she thought until the werewolf Alpha knocks on the door with a very pissed off look in his face. She thought she would get a break but boy was she wrong.


2. chapter 1

I regain consciousness feeling absolutely terrible. I open my eyes and look around. I see that I’m not in his room like I usually wake up in. I look down and see my left foots been casted. I frown and sit up. Pain slices through my back and a groan escapes my lips. I hear the sound of the door opening and stifen.


He walks in and sees me. “Oh good you’re awake. Took you long enough. You’ve been out for over a week.” He walks toward me. Fear spikes through me and I back up on the bed. That was a mistake. Pain slices through my back causing me to whimper in pain. He shakes his head sitting on the bed. “I’m not going to punish you again unless you give me a reason too. Be a good girl and sit on my lap.” He orders patting his lap. His eyes are soft and I can tell he’s in a good mood so I know to obey him so he doesn’t get in a bad mood.


I flinch and move towards his lap. Apparently I wasn’t going fast enough because he wraps his arms around me and pulls me onto his lap. I give out a startled cry of pain as my back smack into his chest. The pain feels almost unbearable. I feel his lips brush against my bare neck hitting a sensitive spot. I try to suppress a shiver. His lips curl up against my skin and he wraps his arms around mine pinning them to my sides. Tears form in my eyes knowing what he’s going to do. He starts sucking on the sensitive spot of my neck. I bite my lower lip to keep a moan from escaping my lips.

His hands move and start rubbing my inner thighs then slowly moving up my shirt. He continues sucking on my neck and a moan escapes my lips as he traces his hands along my stomach. He spins me around and places me on his dick and kisses me on the lips in a sloppy, lustful kiss. He places his hands at my hips and forces me to move on his dick. I feel him getting hard underneath me but I can’t pull away or do anything. If i do I’ll be punished. I don’t think I’ll survive another punishment.


He continues to kiss me and swipes his slimy tongue along my bottom lip telling me he once access. I keep my lips firmly closed. He grabs my ass causing my to gasp. Like a snake he quickly slithers his tongue into my mouth. His grip on my tightens and he lays me down so he’s on top of me. He pulls away slightly and looks at me. “Since you’re injured I won’t go any farther. Once your healed we’ll have some real fun.” He says a smile on his face. He bends down and kisses me neck. “Now let’s get you something to eat my dear. You must be hungry.” It is only then that I realise that I am. My stomach growl confirming it.


He wraps an arm around me and lifts me before placing his other hand under my legs picking me up bridal style. He carries me out the room and sets me down on a chair. “Since your ankle is broken you won’t be able to walk for a while. I’m going to have to carry you. Maybe this will teach you not to run from me.” He says. There’s a knock on the door and he smiles. Not the normal happy smiles but the psychotic smile. He walks to the door and I watch him. When he opens the door a girl ties up and unconscious is practically tossed in.


A guy walks in and sighs. “You owe me big for this one Mathew. She was a hard one to catch. Strong spirited too. I know how much you enjoy breaking that.” The guy says his eyes flicker to me. He holds my gaze for a couple seconds then looks back at the unconscious girl. “She fought me the hole way. I had to knock her out.” He says his voice sounding apologetic. Of course I don’t know why he is apologizing. He just kidnapped a girl.


Mathew looks at me. “Evin I think it’s time you meet my new slave. She will be a cleaning slave so you don’t have to worry about sharing the bed with anyone.” He says with a wink. I hide the disgust I feel toward him. He grabs the rope of the girls arms and drags her toward me. “You will be in charge of teaching this girl the rules and making sure she follows them. Now there will be some new rules for her being she isn’t a personal slave.” He sits her up so I get a good look at her.


Her hair is a dirty blonde and she looks to be around my age. I hear a groan come from her lips and I end up staring into almost a brownish green color eyes. Her eyes are cloudy and dazed. “Where am I?” She asks and tries to move. I see her eyes flash when she realises she’s tied up. I frown knowing how she feels. I had been in her footsteps. Matthew smiles at me with a knowing look. I look away from him and back at the girl who now looks angry. “Where am I? Who are you? Why am I tied up?” She asks.


Matthew turns her so she’s facing him. “Your here because you are now mine. You are a slave and will do whatever I tell you to do without question or complaint. If you don’t you will be punished. You can ask Evin over there. I carry out with my threats. She is my personal slave anything you do wrong she will get punished for it as well. You will be my cleaning slave. I expect it to be done to where I can eat off every surface. Do I make myself clear?” Matthew says his voice taunting her to say something.


She struggles against the rope. “Let me go! This is Illegal! You can’t just take us from our home and torture us!” She says angrily. He grabs her by her hair and pulls her face to where it’s inches from hers. I hear her gasp in pain and want to help her but know any action I take against him I will pay for later so I stay put.


He glares at her. “I don’t follow your stupid laws. Never will so be happy I chose you to be mine. There’s people who are worse than me.” He says. He lets go of her hair. “Now if need be you can get a small taste of what happens if you disobey me.” He drags her onto her feet. Matthew looks at the guy. “Entertain Evin while I’m gone Josiah.” He walks toward the basement.


Josiah smiles and walks over to me. “I’m surprised he’s given me permission to entertain. He knows how rough I play and you’re very fragile. Well at least to me and him.” He wraps his arms around me and picks me up. He sits down then sets me on his lap. “Now what to do to entertain you...Hmmm…..” My heart pounds in my chest as he strokes my hair. He stay silent for a little while stroking my hair. Eventually I feel his lips brush my neck. “He wouldn’t like it if I did anything while you are even more fragile than before. It’s sad that I can’t. I would have loved to test you out.” He says seductively in my ear.


I fight the urge to slap him which surprises me. I’m not one to feel brave. I am the most cowardly person you’ll ever meet. His hand touches my inner thigh and I tense up. He squeezes my thigh. “You must still be tight. I wish I could loosen you up.” He whispers in my ear. He turns me so I’m facing him. He places my legs on either side of him. “Matthew won’t be long but I still have to keep you entertained.” He says his eyes full of lust and hunger. The door to the basement swings open and I catch the disappointment in his eyes. He gets up placing me back on the couch.


Matthew brings the girl into the living room and it takes everything I have not to flinch at the sight. Her back is torn up and bloody. The smell almost makes me want to gag. Rusty Copper. She looks at me her eyes full of pain and anger. Blazing anger. I know she wants nothing more than to get Matthew back. Hell I do too. I want him to pay for taking away my virginity. Raping me. No one should have to go through it. Her face has tears and I know they are only from the pain.


Matthew looks at me. “Now that she knows what will happen if she gets punished I am going to show her the room she will be sleeping in. I will be back. I expect you to behave in the time I am gone.” He says. He picks the girl up and I see the anger grow brighter. She attempts to struggle but I can tell she is getting weak from losing blood.  Matthew walks toward the bedrooms and I’m left alone with Josiah again. I look at my hands to avoid looking at the smile that is probably on his face.


I feel a finger under my chin and he lifts my chin forcing me to face him. I can see the lust and hunger in his eyes. I want nothing more than to cringe away from him. He traces a finger along my jaw then over my lips, his eyes never leaving mine. They hold me in there hazel gaze almost hypnotically. He lowers his head to where are lips are almost touching. “Soon I will have you. I will find a girl who he thinks has more beauty and you will be mine.” He whispers moving my hair behind my ear. “He will tire of you eventually. He’ll want a brand new toy to play with and I’ll be there to pick you up once he tosses you out.”


Anger slices through me at his words. I am not a toy. I am not an object. I am a human being. I want nothing more than to slap him across the face for talking to me like he is. Of course me being the cowardly person I am I do nothing and stay silent. His lips brush against mine before he stands up and backs up. I wonder why at first then see Matthew walking back toward me and Josiah. Matthew walks right up to me and picks me up. “I think you will be staying by my side while I cook.” I catch him send a glare at Josiah.


He sets me on the counter and starts getting things out. I watch Josiah leave closing the door behind him. It’s silent for a little while other than the sound of Matthew cooking. “He won’t have you. I won’t let him.” Matthew says breaking the silence his eyes on me. “You think I’m bad? He’s even worse. Most of his slaves don’t make it past a week. Maybe two if they’re lucky.” I can’t help the shiver that goes through me at the thought.


He turns his attention back to what he was doing leaving me to think. I turn to him. “S sir?” He looks at me and raises an eyebrow. I can see the surprise in his eyes. I haven’t been much of a talker. Decided to play it safe and stay silent but I had to ask this question or it will nag at me the rest of my life. He nods his head giving me permission to continue. “W-w-why me? Out of all the girls why did you pick me?” I ask. Fidgeting with my hands hoping he won’t punish me for asking.


He looks thoughtful. He looks at me. “I thought you would be perfect. You seemed to be a pretty girl. You were at the party and I guessed by the way you frantically looked around that you weren’t supposed to be there. Whoever it was would probably think you went to the party and something bad happened to you. They wouldn’t be able to pin it on my since there was so many people there.” He says grabbing a plate from the cabinet. My heart aches at his words. He’s right. They wouldn’t think to look for me here. In the chaos of the party no one may have noticed a girl being taken. If they did they probably thought it was a concerned friend taking her home.


He hands me the plate with food on it. “Eat.” He orders. I pick up the grilled cheese sandwich and take a bite. He watches me intently while I eat it and takes the plate once I’m finished. He sets it in the sink then picks me up from the counter. I wince as his hands touch my back. I have to wrap my legs around him so I don’t fall and I know he did it on purpose because that’s the perv he is. He walks to the couch and shifts me so I’m on his lap with my back against his chest. He turns on the T.V. and plays with my hair.


I try to focus on the program he has turned on but I can’t seem to stop thinking of the girl that is now a slave to Matthew.  I don’t know how she got here, what Josiah did to her before she got here, or even her name. I know Matthew won’t bother asking for a while and will probably address her by whatever he’s in the mood to call her at the time. He knew my name from the beginning but usually gave me slave nicknames. Now he calls me by my name and I don’t like the way he says it. Of course hearing my name from his lips sends revulsion through me. He acts like it’s ok to own people.


Matthew’s hand brushes my cheek interrupting my thoughts. His other arm is loose around my waist. “What’s on your mind?” He asks his breath hot against my ear. I tense slightly not expecting him to be that close. He goes back to playing with my hair but the silence in the air tell me he’s waiting for my answer.


I fidget with my hands. “J just the girl that is now here.” I say. He’s silent for a little while as he continues to stroke my hair. I look at the television screen as the silents grows almost scaring me that what I said was wrong and that he’s going to punish me because of it. I feel his lips graze my neck then my cheek. His other hand that was resting on my waist moves to rest on my thigh. The hand that was stroking moves to rest on my neck.


“Why are you thinking about her my little Evin? I hope it’s not because of jealousy. You know you are my favorite. She’s just here to clean and nothing more. You have no need to worry yourself that she will replace you. “ He says then kisses my neck again. His thumb runs up and down my neck as he nibbles on my ear. “You’re mine.” his voice is full of lust and hunger. His breath tickles my ear but I don’t move. He kisses my neck and wraps both arms around my waist. “Just watch some t.v. Get some rest if you would like. I am going to be here for a couple hours before I have to leave for a little while.” He say resting his head against my shoulder.


I nod and look at the screen. I watch as the people on the t.v. laugh and joke around having fun with their families. A feeling of longing goes through me. I want nothing more than to be home. Be with my mom and dad enjoying their company, making jokes and getting yelled at about my grades. I miss them so much.


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