Captain America

The World is at war and young Steve Rogers and an even younger man named James Barnes are looking to enlist in spite of their obvious disadvantages. Both seek not personal glory or are eager to start killing bad guys, they just both believe in freedom and standing up to bullies.


Author's note

Part of my Marvel Movellas Universe.

1. Our World at War

Steve Rogers sat in the S.H.I.E.L.D screening room preparing to watch the presentation they'd made to give him a quick run through of all the events that happened while he was under.


As the lights dimmed he couldn't help but recall the last time he was at the theater.


April 6th 1940:

“Our world is at war,” the voiceover for the Pathe News special said as twenty-two year old Steven Rogers sat in the theater and watched intently.


He had just come back from the army recruitment center with yet another rejection stamp on health grounds to his enlistment plans.


Even though he tried to put a brave face on it, his younger brother knew Steve was hurting.


William swore he had never known anyone so committed to joining up to fight in a war and in all likelihood die in it. A war over in Europe the US wasn't even officially involved in.


William Billy Rogers didn't want Steve to enlist at only 16 years old he'd already seen enough death after they lost their parents in an automobile accident.


Steve and Billy's grandparents took them in and they grew closer than they had been prior to their parents passing they helped each other through their grief and again a year later when their grandfather passed away.

Then with their grandmother declared too old and to unwell too look after them it was left to Steve to get a job take over running the house and see to it he was made permanent guardian to Billy and their Grandma.


The idea of losing his big brother his best friend upset him, he'd been glad he failed again. Even if it was somewhat selfishly motivated in that he didn't know what would become of him if Steve did go away.


Maybe after the latest failure he would now get the message and he would finally stop trying. It was a faint hope Billy held on to and it didn't last very long as later that day.


After the movie Steve took Billy home, but he didn't stay he told their grandmother he just needed some air so he would just take a walk around the block. She took him at his word and was grateful as he helped her to bed.


Billy suspected Steve was doing it to get her out of the way as he was once again going off to find some new office he hadn't tried before.


Poughkeepsie maybe, he had no idea if there was a recruitment office in Pk but if there was Steve would know by now and would no doubt go and make more damned attempt at enlisting.


Billy was right, after circling around the block, he watched as Steve headed away from home and off down 41st and Kirby toward the bus station. Unable to get to the bus himself and without being seen by Steve, Billy let had to him go.


This time in more ways than one. This was it, the final straw Billy knew he had to talk sense into his brother he couldn't just sit by and watch him waste his time again.


This madness, this desperation he had to make Steve realize it was never going to happen.


He was too frail, never put on weight no matter how much he ate. He never bulked up because he wasn't even strong enough to lift the weights to put on any muscle.


He didn't fully understand Steve’s desire to enlist, it wasn't a death wish Steve assured him of that, telling him how he wanted to help stop this spread of evil in Europe but he definitely wants to come home to meet a nice girl they'd get married and raise a family.


As far as he was concerned Billy he had to step in and stop Steve so he wandered until he found a phone booth flicked through phone book till he found someone to call and inform them of Steve’s continued attempts at seeking to enlist.


How was Billy to know his attempts to stop him would be the catalyst that would change his brother’s life forever.

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