Stories of horror

Some may be true some may e fake but one thing is for sure ...........the terror is perfectly real.


Author's note

some stories may not be suitable for younger readers

3. Story 3 -Shadow Girl-

This story is not based on real events!

-Shadow Girl-

My friend Mona died when she was about 10, she was hit by a car. I had just turned 11 and she was actually on her way to my party but decided to come on her own without telling her parents , I've always felt guilty as when we texted each other it was my idea for her to come early! 

...................And I think she blames me to.

For as  I tried to sleep I couldn't that night for I felt a presence in my room it was only then that I saw the shadow of a girl standing at the end of the bed , just staring at me .I'm eighteen now and I can tell you some pretty fucked up stuff has happened to me because of that shadow girl who I believe is Mona as one thing stands out about the shadow , the only thing I can see clearly is a white ribbon in her hair , the white ribbon Mona had worn on her way to my party , I know this as she sent me a picture of herself before walking up to my house. Mona had never had an argument with me but when she did have an argument with others she stayed angry at them for a long.

 I think Mona's mad at me because in a way killed her.

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