Stories of horror

Some may be true some may e fake but one thing is for sure ...........the terror is perfectly real.


Author's note

some stories may not be suitable for younger readers

9. Story 9 -The phone did not work-

-The phone did not work-

There was this one night I was in my car driving to my parents house  with my son, when all of a sudden I hit something , the road was completely empty apart from me of course. ironically I got out trying to see what the hell I had hit , but nothing was under or  in front. it was only then  I got back in my car and a large pale person in a suit came into view , they had tentacles almost and no expression on their face infact they didn't have one! 

My five year old son in the back of the car didn't make the situation any better because he screamed ! that's when I pulled the car into reverse and drove away , I told my son to call the f*cking police which wasn't great but I made all the more sense to sear to calm me down. But this part shocked me the most . 

"mummy the phone wont work " 

"well is it out of charge ?" 

"no the screen has broken " 

"huh what the....pass it here please" 

My phone had a broken screen , the cracks shaping together to look lie a pentagram.

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