Stories of horror

Some may be true some may e fake but one thing is for sure ...........the terror is perfectly real.


Author's note

some stories may not be suitable for younger readers

2. Story 2 -Strawberry scars-

remember this story is not true so try not to get scared 

-Strawberry scars-

A few years ago I noticed that my creepy old neighbour whom was obsessed with gardening was planting strawberry's , about two weeks or so later i noticed how much they'd grown and it made me pretty hungry.

Me having no food and being like eight years old , I decided i would creep over the fence and take a few , i hoped over the small fence parting my neighbours garden from mine and then ran over to the strawberry's. They were huge and looked ravishing and perfect to eat! I took three and put them in my pockets of my large jeans and then snuck over to the fence when all of a sudden i looked back at my neighbours house.

My neighbour an old woman was staring harshly upon me out of her kitchen window , i gave off a small cry then darted across the fence shrieking like a maniac . I ran inside the house absolutely terrified , Sprinting up the stairs into my room proud of what id accomplished feasting on the strawberry's!

Yet when I awoke the following  morning I felt a sharp pain in my side , when I looked down I saw blood , I cleansed away the blood only to see a deep gash shaped like a strawberry. I suppose my neighbours a witch but I don't know because I haven't seen her for a while!

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