Stories of horror

Some may be true some may e fake but one thing is for sure ...........the terror is perfectly real.


Author's note

some stories may not be suitable for younger readers

10. Story 10 -Neighbour-

My neighbour has always been odd , he always has been . about a year ago he moved in quoting " I'm from new York , I left because of the press I had a neighbour before who was famous" .

I didn't really like him and my parents always told me to be nice to him but I didn't want to , he was too odd to be kind to and I really didn't like the way he smiled at me whenever I left for school , my friends to told me he was strange to. 

So when a bully dared tom my high school friend to break into his house or he would beat him up for being a "scared  little shit"  we were worried for him. 

Tom obviously went into the house and by the way I'm a guy so this makes it even weirder because I got the chills ,   girls get freaked out by that kinda stuff seeing as I'm a guy oud think wed be utterly fearless , but no I was a total whimpiod and I was even going in the house.

 When Tom came out of the house he came out screaming yelling that he tried to kill him , when I calmed him down he eventually told me her found a shit tone of knives and guns in his house but most disturbingly he found a pentagram in the basement.

My neighbour left the house without a trace when we called the police and they turned up . Everything Tom told me was true about the house , I just thought he was an odd guy but now I know he was a dangerous person.




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